Gianfranco Ludovici

ePN TV: Introducing Christian Erhard and Gianfranco Ludovici

As many of you know our ePN family stretches across multiple countries all over the world. However, because ePN TV is produced in the U.S., you rarely get a chance to see the team members from our Zurich office. Over the next two weeks we’ll be introducing you to four members of our EU Team that recently visited us in San Jose. This week we welcome Christian Erhard, Head of Online Partnerships in Europe, and Gianfranco Ludovici, Senior Manager of UK Partnerships.

“I really understand the needs of the publisher,” says Ludovici. “Certainly one of my main focus areas is getting better engagement with the publisher base that we have in the UK and really helping them drive their business forward.”

Driving business forward can involve many different aspects. Christian believes that one of those driving forces is ePN Mobile:

“What we see in the introduction of smartphones is really changing the way people behave in their daily lives,” say Erhard. “You’re basically always online. The eBay Mobile App is getting more and more business each year and we wanted to take advantage of that by creating an affiliate solution in the mobile space.”

We’re excited that Christian and Gianfranco took some time to chat with ePN TV. If you have questions for them about their roles or anything specific about the EU program, please post in the comments below.