Half.com Offering Discounts on Textbook Sales and Rentals

As December rolls along students from all over are thinking about wrapping up classes and enjoying a well-deserved holiday break. However, once we ring in the New Year, it won’t be long before classes resume and students start thinking about the textbooks they’ll need for the coming semester. Half.com wants to help ease that burden with a promotion running from December 17, 2012 until February 15, 2013:

All Shoppers:

  • 10% off books on Half.com (minimum order of $25, maximum discount of $25) Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: HALF10WINTER

NEW Shoppers Only:

  • 12% off books on Half.com (minimum order of $25, maximum discount of $25) Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: HALF12WINTER

Coupons are valid for both purchases and rentals. To redeem, simply enter coupon code at checkout.

Depending on the popularity of this offer, we may need to end this promotion BEFORE the original February 15th deadline. If that happens we will provide advance notice. Questions? Leave a comment below.

Buy and Rent Textbooks at Half.com at Low Prices

For most of us the next few weeks will be filled with holiday shopping, festivities and time spent with family and friends as we celebrate a very merry time of year. However, if you’re a student, you may already be thinking about next semester and the books you’re going to need to purchase for your classes. What better time to launch our latest Half.com promotion?

You may remember that we announced several product improvements and a corresponding Back to School promotion this past Fall. Here are the details for our Spring semester promotion, running December 15th through February 15th:

ALL Shoppers

  • 10% off books on Half.com. Minimum order of $50. Maximum discount of $20. Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: BTS10E

NEW Shoppers Only

  • 12% off books on Half.com. Minimum order of $50. Maximum discount of $20. Limited time offer.
  • Coupon Code: BTS12N

Note: Please enter the relevant coupon code into your Custom ID field when building your textlink to Half.com within the Publisher Portal Link Generator. This will help us track this campaign in more detail so that we are able to offer more like this in the future!

This also applies to textbook rentals, which is a great way to save on student expenses.  Also, remind your non-student users that this is a great opportunity for them to grab a few new reads in the event they didn’t get that eReader they asked for this holiday season.

If you’d like more information on Half.com, it may be helpful to check out this video we did with Vikram Singh, General Manager at Half.com, about their offerings. Keep in mind this video was produced last fall and contains some information about our Fall promotion rather than the details of our current event.

We’re excited about this opportunity to promote Half.com and hope that you’ll take advantage of these great coupon codes. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Getting Started with the Half.com Renting API

Last week we announced rentals on Half.com. Since then several of you have requested API documentation through blog comments and forums posts.  In response, we have a few things that should help you get started.

First, start here: http://developer.ebay.com/DevZone/half-finding/CallRef/findHalfItems.html.  It will allow you to return specific items based on listing type (specify rental) allowing you to pull in applicable values (e.g. the 125-day rental price, the 90-day rental price, the 30-day rental price, etc.)

If you want to view the actual text from the URL:


(in) Return items based on the listing type. Valid values are: FixedPrice and Rental

sortBy SortByType Optional Specifies the sort conditions for the returned items. The default is 125 days for Rental Items and the itemPrice for FixedPrice items.

sortBy.sortOn SortOnType Optional The field on which the response entries are sorted.

Applicable values:

•   FixedPrice

(in) Sort on the Fixed Price of the item.

•   RentalPrice125Days

(in) Sort on the 125 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice30Days

(in) Sort on the 30 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice45Days

(in) Sort on the 45 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice60Days

(in) Sort on the 60 day rental price of the item.

•   RentalPrice90Days

(in) Sort on the 90 day rental price of the item.

If you have further questions about this documentation, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to provide the answer.

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Vikram Singh Gets Us Up to Speed on Half.com

This week Ivka Adam is sitting down with Vikram Singh, General Manager of Half.com, to talk about why now is a great time for publishers to be working with Half.com. Vikram has been at eBay for six and a half years with a stint at corporate before moving over to PayPal. Recently, he was offered the General Manager position at Half.com and found the opportunity too exciting to pass up. According to Vikram, Half.com caters heavily to people 18-24 years of age - mainly students that are interested in getting textbooks at the lowest prices. He says that Back to School season makes up the bulk of Half’s business.

As you may have seen here on our blog, Half.com have released some pretty aggressive coupons with savings from 12-15%. Additionally, they’ve recently rolled out their rentals program for those shoppers that don’t want to pay a heftier purchase price for textbooks. Keep in mind that publishers can use both the coupon and rental initiatives to earn revenue through the affiliate program. Finally, Vikram talks about the new Half.com API. He says it makes it much easier for affiliates to search for products on Half.com.

Have questions or comments? As always, we appreciate your thoughtful replies below.

Half.com Launches Renting and Limited Edition Coupons

You may have read about our Half.com coupon promotion a couple of weeks ago on the blog. This week, we’re upping the ante and offering even bigger deals to Half.com customers:

14% off anything on Half.com.  Minimum Order of $50.  Maximum discount of $40.  This is a limited time coupon available while supplies last.

To redeem, simply enter BTSAF14 at checkout.

This coupon has a very limited run. It starts today (August 1st) and expires on August 7th.

We’re also excited to announce the launch of the Half.com Renting Service! It went live Friday, July 15 and the results have been amazing.  In our pre-launch tests and in the second half of July, we’ve noticed a significant increase in average order value for renting. So, not only are we paying for a new action, but rental actions could yield even higher payouts to publishers. This adds yet another reason to promote Half.com during peak Back to School season. Visit the Book Rental Landing Page and the Renting FAQs for more information.

Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment.

Half.com Ramps Up For Back to School

The Back to School Shopping Season has started and Half.com would like to announce two BIG coupons! We’d also like to highlight our improved check out process and a better Half.com API.


  • 12% off Anything on Half.com.  Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF12 at checkout
  • 15% off Anything on Half.com New Users only. Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF15 at checkout


1. Affiliate Coupon Enhancement Flow

What is the new incentive enhancement on the affiliate buying flows?

This will enable affiliates to redirect buyers to Half.com’s checkout cart page with Half.com specific incentives embedded in the cart automatically. This should prove very helpful with the launch of the above coupons and should improve conversion rates.

Why is this helpful to buyers?

This will eliminate cut-n-pasting of incentive codes across websites and help convert buyers quickly.

Can you provide me with the example URL?

We have enhanced the addItem cart command to include incentives (along with items):-


When will this feature go live?

It went live in June and is ready to go!

2. HalfFinding Service

What are the benefits of the new HalfFinding service?

The findHalfProducts service currently returns only 5 items per item condition.  Given a specific product identifier (like ISBN), the new HalfFindingService will enable buyers to quickly browse through item inventory (up to 1,500 items) in a paginated manner.  The service will also provide the ability to filter items by condition, seller, price range and shipping service.

When can I start using this new service?

The service is now live.  Seller, Price Range & Shipping filters launched at the end of June.

You can get more information HERE. If you’d like to start using this API you can sign up for a developer account on eBay HERE.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you an answer quickly.