Holiday Promotion

Big Bonuses During Our U.S. Holiday Promotion!

This fall we’ve rolled out several successful promotions that have helped our publishers earn additional revenue simply by doing what they do best. Today, that continues with the announcement of our U.S. Holiday promotion!

How does the promotion work?

If you increase your QCP earnings by at least 20% (compared to your earnings in June 2012) during November and December, you’ll be eligible for a bonus on your total QCP earnings for that month.

These bonuses will be tiered as follows:

Bonus earned based on QCP earnings increase QCP earnings increase in November – December 2012 (compared to June 2012)
10% bonus 20% – 34.99% Earnings increase
15% bonus 35% – 49.99% Earnings increase
30% bonus Greater than 50% Earnings increase


How will bonuses be calculated?

Bonuses will be calculated from the U.S program separately for both November and December before being paid together with the rest of your earnings for that month.

See an example of this calculation below:



June Earnings

November Earnings

Percentage Increase

Bonus Percentage

November Payment







For example, if your November 2012 earnings are 25% higher than your June earnings, you’ll earn a 10% bonus on your November earnings. If your December earnings are then less than 20% higher than your June earnings, you won’t receive a bonus for December 2012.

Which regions will be eligible for the promotion?

The promotion is available to all publishers participating in the U.S. Program. That means that you can drive traffic from around the world, as long as you’re part of the U.S. Program.

We hope that this promotion jump-starts your holiday season and motivates you to put a little extra muscle behind your ePN efforts. If you have questions about this promotion, feel free to leave them in the comments below.