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JJ McCarthy to Speak at Internet Retailer 2011 in San Diego

eBay Partner Network’s own JJ McCarthy will be speaking at the Internet Retailer Conference in San Diego, CA on June 15th at 11:15 AM. In addition to speaking about some of the challenges and rewards of managing one of the largest affiliate programs in online retail, he’ll also be addressing some of the issues confronting retailers of all sizes who are grappling with running affiliate programs of their own, including increasing the quality of traffic from affiliates and how to manage and pay affiliates effectively and efficiently. In his session, JJ will talk about Quality Click Pricing and share how adopting a new pricing model and launching a publisher education program combined to produce a dramatic change in results for eBay and its affiliates.

If you’re headed to the Internet Retailer Conference we hope you’ll take some time to check out JJ’s session. Afterwards, we’d love for you to post your thoughts here in the comments of this post.