Matthias Klappenbach

ePN TV: Introducing Matthias Klappenbach, Senior Product Manager


This week on ePN TV we’re excited to welcome our Senior Product Manager, Matthias Klappenbach. Matthias joined eBay five and half years ago and worked with our SEO Team in Germany. He moved over to the U.S. in 2009 and joined ePN in the second half of 2012.

“We have a lot of stuff on our plate this year, but our biggest priority is that we want to make the product simpler for our publishers,” says Klappenbach. “We know that certain tools aren’t working that well today, so we want to simplify our toolset. We want to make our tools more efficient and, in general, we want to have a better publisher experience on the product side.”

We are incredibly excited to have someone with the level of skill and dedication that Matthias brings to our Product Team. In addition to relying on our internal team to guide the product roadmap, Matthias is looking to our publishers for feedback on the blog, the forums and on Twitter.

“I’m spending quite some time every week actually reading through comments from our publishers, and we are really taking it seriously. I think we have good ways that we engage with publishers, but nevertheless, we are thinking constantly about what we can do better and maybe we can come up with better ways to engage.”

We hope you’ll take a minute to welcome Matthias to the eBay Partner Network Team! Say hello in the comments below!