I’m Getting Mobile Traffic, Now What?

Last week, after many months of planning and development, we excitedly rolled out our ePN Mobile program. One of the driving forces behind this rollout was the desire to give publishers the tools they needed to better understand, optimize, and grow their mobile traffic revenue.

Now that publishers have had a few days to look at the new mobile reports, many of you may be asking yourself how you can capitalize on this newly discovered mobile traffic? How do you make the most of it? We want to help. We’d like to introduce you to a company called Netbiscuits.

Since 2005, eBay has partnered with Netbiscuits to build, manage and optimize and now into the premier mobile shopping site. We want to put this same powerful technology into the hands of our publishers.

What Does Netbiscuits Do?

As many of you may already know, navigating and developing and testing a mobile site that works on thousands of different connected devices used by consumers today is a challenge. Netbiscuits solves this problem by providing a unifying layer to the vast array of mobile and connected devices worldwide, enabling a rich user experiences for your mobile sites and apps.

Netbiscuits has provided a few best practices that you should be thinking about when considering a mobile website:

1. Understand your mobile use cases

Mobile is different. On one hand you have obstacles like smaller screen sizes. On the other you get additional functionality such as location sensitivity. You have to cater to both and think about the use cases that really make sense to your customers.

2. Provide a consistent, yet user friendly experience

Even though mobile is different you should try hard to provide a consistent experience across all platforms. Convert as much of the functionality of your desktop site to mobile as you can to create a seamless experience.

3. Integrate your online presence

Use re-directs and deep linking to provide a seamless user experience across all platforms online. Re-direct mobile users from your standard domain to your mobile-optimized site. Put search requests via Google, Bing etc. directly through to your mobile content pages. This will help you leverage your desktop SEO initiatives for your mobile site too.

4. Listen to your users

Once launched, your mobile site needs even more attention. Invite your users to take a look and ask them for their opinion.

What’s missing? What is obsolete? What needs a second round of improvement?

5. Make your mobile site accessible on any device

Use Netbiscuits to go mobile. The built-in intelligence of our their enterprise-class mobile web software platform removes the complexity of programming for the vast array of devices, operating systems and browsers while providing a suite of tools and a roster of partners to maximize and monetize the mobile opportunity.

A Special Offer for ePN Publishers

Because we believe in the importance and rapid revenue growth potential of mobile traffic, we want to help our publishers make their mobile strategy a priority. To do that we’ve worked out an agreement with Netbiscuits that gives ePN Publishers a 60-Day FREE Trial of their services. That means that you can try Netbiscuits for free, without any strings attached for two months to see if it has any positive impact on your mobile revenue.

We know you may have lots of questions on this. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or comments below and we’ll work with the Netbiscuits team to get answers as quickly as we can for you.