Richard Brewer-Hay

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Richard Brewer-Hay Shares His Tips for Social Media Success

Getting great social media advice can be tricky – everyone seems to have an opinion on the do’s and don’ts of properly navigating the choppy waters of services like Twitter and Facebook. How do you know what advice to believe? Well, this week we’re getting social media tips from eBay’s Chief Blogger and Senior Social Media Manager, Richard Brewer-Hay. And let me tell you – it doesn’t get much better than that folks.

In this video, RBH focuses on three distinct tips that have served him well in his role over the years at eBay:


Leffe, one of Richard’s favorites brands of beer, has a simple slogan plastered on a billboard on his way to work that reads: “Actually listening, not waiting to talk.” Too many brands spend too much time broadcasting their own message, instead of listening to the needs and wants of their consumers. We should spend with out ears open.

Fish Where the Fish Are

At eBay, we go where our users already gather. Instead of creating lots of different internal web sites and trying to make people go there, eBay believes in reaching out to users at places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Embrace Video

RBH started using video minimally when he launched the eBay Ink Blog in 2008. His advice is to keep videos short. He cites his series “5 Minutes with…” as a great example of short, concise videos paired with a human element that he thinks is paramount to eBay’s continuing success.

What are your best tips for using social media? How do you think we could be using it more effectively here at eBay Partner Network? We’d love to get your thoughtful and constructive comments below.

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Richard Brewer-Hay Gets Social

A few weeks ago Ivka Adam got the chance to sit down with eBay’s Chief Blogger, Richard Brewer-Hay, or as he’s known within the walls of eBay, “RBH.” This interview was exciting to me for several reasons. First, Richard and I have been friends for ages – long before either of us came to eBay. We’ve worked on a variety of projects together and I’ve always appreciated his approach to communication, collaboration and problem solving. Second, RBH understands how social media fits into the eBay landscape better than anyone I’ve encountered. You’ll get to see a lot of that knowledge throughout this episode.

Often times we have a tendency to gloss over the mistakes we’ve made as a company. Sometimes it’s just easier for us to not talk about our problems. I admire the fact that Richard not only faces those mistakes head-on, but is also willing to dissect them to figure out how to learn from, and avoid repeating them going forward.

I’m a big fan of RBH’s beer analogy in this video. As he mentions, he’s a beer-lover and this is a great way to explain the impact of social media at a company like eBay in simpler terms. It’s certainly an example I’ll be borrowing from him in the future.

What are your thoughts about Richard’s views on social media? What do you think of ePN or eBay’s overall use of social media? What could we do better? We look forward to your constructive and thoughtful comments below.