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Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Jordan Koene’s Tips for Better SEO

Last week SEO Expert, Jordan Koene, talked to Ivka Adam about what eBay is doing on the SEO-front to make sure we’re staying competitive across the spectrum of search engines. This week Jordan is shifting his focus from eBay to a typical publisher site and providing tips for better SEO.

Create an amazing experience

“Really focus on your audience and give them an experience that is unique and something that they won’t find on a different site. Change your content to make it really special for those users.”

Work with new forms of media

“Try out video. Try out using data visualization. Find new ways to work with media and integrate it into your content.”

Partner with people

“Partner with people that you even consider a competitor. There’s a great deal of opportunity that you can find in working together with people that really understand your industry and build those links between those valuable partnerships.”

Never stop testing

“Change the way your content is structured. Change your navigation. Focus on different keywords. Really keep testing and that will drive new insights and help you grow your sites with the search engines.”

Have questions or want to add to Jordan’s recommendations? We’d love to get your perspective below in the comments.