Special Business Models

Special Business Models Best Practices

Goldfish-Special565 The eBay Partner Network extends a warm welcome to entrepreneurs and companies thinking outside-the-box to promote ePN.  We’re excited to partner with innovators and look forward to working with you.

Innovation is a source for change and a catalyst for new ways of promoting the eBay Partner Network.  ePN is always interested in understanding new sources of traffic promoting our network. Consequently, we ask that these types of publishers go through a separate application in addition to the standard eBay Partner Network application.

We hope this article will clarify which special business models require a separate application and what information ePN is looking for in the application. A simple general rule is that your Special Business Model application should include as much detailed information as possible. As always, you should ensure that have familiarized yourself with all the terms and conditions relevant to your business model in the ePN Code of Conduct, ePN Network Agreement, and ePN Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

You only need to submit a special business model form if you fall under the following business models: Loyalty/ Incentive, Downloadable Tools, Email/IM, Other and Sub-affiliate Networks.


You should select Loyalty/Incentive business model when you plan on promoting ePN through incentivizing your user base.  Incentives and rewards include offering cash back, loyalty points and communicating to your users that proceeds go to non-profits.  Your application should include as much detailed information about the types of incentives you plan on using, your user base, and ePN programs you plan on promoting.

Note that ePN programs (eBay regional web sites) each have their own approval criteria so your geographic location will be taken into consideration when reviewing your application.  Specifically, publishers located in the UK and US will not be allowed to promote ePN via any type of incentivized traffic.

Downloadable Tools

You should select Downloadable Tools when you plan on promoting ePN though a method that requires installation by the end user.  Please ensure your tool is ready to be downloaded and tested by our Network Quality team when you apply.  Your application should include as much detailed information about your downloadable tool, supported browsers, supported operating systems, marketing and distribution channels, and how you plan on monetizing your application.

Note that publishers promoting ePN via downloadable software may be paid only for the ACRUs their traffic generates rather than via the Quality Click Pricing payment model.  You will be informed of your payment structure by email after your business model application has been approved.  You can also review your payment structure by clicking on the “Programs” tab and then clicking on “Payment Structure”.


You should select the Email/IM business model when you plan on promoting ePN through email or instant messages.  Your application should include detailed information about how you comply with CAN-SPAM laws, how you obtain your distribution lists, opt-out options and also include a sample email for us to review.

Note that publishers promoting ePN via Email/IM must comply with all the terms and conditions as described in the ePN Code of Conduct.


Business model of Other should not be selected if you plan on promoting ePN through your website, blog, social media page or similar site. Instead you should choose Shopping Comparison, Editorial Content, User Generated Content or Merchant/Seller. You should select other if you plan to promote the eBay Partner Network programs through an innovative, outside-the-box way that is not already listed under the business model drop-down menu.

Sub-Affiliate Networks - You should select “Other” if your business model involves promoting ePN through a sub-affiliate network.  Note that ePN requires sub-affiliate networks to be limited to a single tier of agent relationships.  Additionally, ePN requests that you identify each agent with unique tracking information. The terms and conditions applicable to sub-affiliate networks can be found in the “Working With Agents” section of the ePN Network Agreement.

Once you have submitted you application, you can typically expect to hear from us in within one week.  Please note that some Special Business Models may take longer than others.  Regardless, we will keep you updated on the status of your application.  If you do not hear from us within a week, you can always write in to check on the application or if you have further questions once a decision has been made.

We hope this information was helpful.  ePN is excited about including new publishers in our network that are planning on promoting ePN through innovative methods. We look forward to receiving your Special Business Model application and working with you.