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One of my responsibilities here at eBay Partner Network is to figure out how to best communicate with our partners in an efficient and effective way. Obviously, we use email when we have an important announcement to make, but many of you have asked us to use it more often to disseminate blog content to you. Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve included that feature into the ePN Blog.

On the right-hand sidebar you’ll notice a section titled “Subscribe by email.” Simply enter your email address, follow the instructions in the confirmation email and you’re done! From there you’ll get a single daily email notifying you of new content on the blog for that day. If there’s no new content, then there’s no email – simple and easy.

Again, this is a small change, but one that we hope will allow you to consume our blog offerings in a more efficient way. We understand how busy our partners are tending to their businesses, and our goal is to respect your time and make staying up-to-date with ePN as easy as possible.

Will you be subscribing? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below!