Tire Center Widget

Announcing the New Find Tires Widget

Spring is almost here and for many that conjures up thoughts of adventures on the open road. To that end, many car owners will be looking for an easy way to get the best price on new tires for their vehicles. That’s where the new Find Tires Widget comes in.

You may have seen Danny Chang talk about the Find Tires experience in a recent episode of ePN TV. To date, that experience has been confined to the eBay site. Now, it is available as a widget that lives on YOUR web property – making the experience even easier.

The Find Tires Widget is available Tomorrow, March 28th, initially for the US Program only. You can access the Find Tires Widget creation wizard in the Publisher Portal.

When your audience sees the widget on your site, they simply have to enter the year, make, model and trim of their vehicle and the widget will navigate them to a page on eBay that displays all the tires available for their specific car.

The widget will initially be available for the US program only. We’ll have more details upon release, but we wanted to give you a head’s up that this is coming so you could start to plan your site placement and integration. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below.