Writing Great Titles for Blog and Website Content

If you’re like me you often spend time thinking about and writing great content for your blog, don’t focus too much on the importance of choosing the right title. We know that a great title is important for improving organic search rank, but how important? What criteria should you keep in mind when creating your titles for your content?

I came across a post over at ProBlogger called “A Scientific Approach to Writing Page Titles.” They outline five specific steps that can help you rank better in organic search:

Keywords: Make sure your keyword phrases make sense for a blog. For example: “How to Buy an Electric Shower” makes more sense than simply “Electric Showers.

Look at Competitors’ Titles: The great thing about Google is that they will show you what works best before you even start. Search for the phrase you want to rank for - Google will conjure up a page full of sites which it has found to be relevant for that phrase.

Look at Competitors’ Posts: First, they will give you some ideas that could make your post better. Second, you are looking to check that these posts are similar to yours (but hopefully not as good).

Build a Cracking Page Title: Your page title doesn’t necessarily need to be written in full sentences because that isn’t what search engine users expect - make it concise but not gibberish. The key is to catch users’ attention and convince them to click.

Learn and Improve: Once you have published a few posts and got some rankings, you can start to monitor your traffic. Set up your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and each time you publish a new post go and check out your data.

I encourage you to head on over to ProBlogger and read the full post. There’s a lot of great ideas that can help you create page titles that will help you rank better in Google.

What are some of your tricks and tips to writing titles? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below.