Tye DeGrange

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Let's Talk Motors!

This week on Chatting with ePN, Tye DeGrange talks to Famous Rhodes, Director of eBay Motors, about some of ongoing enhancements and improvements being made to the Motors program.

First up, Famous talks about Fitment:

“What we now give publishers the ability to do is refine the inventory we have on eBay, the 18 million parts on our site to the specific makes and models that they’re writing about and blogging about to their enthusiast groups.”

Additionally, Famous and Tye chatted about the new Motors Mobile App that was recently launched:

“When you download this app you can actually custom-tailor your experience to this year, make and model experience of being able to see the enthusiast vehicles you have, or you desire to have, in the marketplace.”

Famous continued by addressing the tremendous growth that’s happening in the Parts and Accessories space and why he believes improving search parameters is so vital to a better user experience:

“We tried to find ways to structure the data because we’ve seen incredible growth in the overall selection in the category. We’ve grown from about a million listings to 18 million listings in the past five years. So what we’re trying to do is tailor an experience for the consumer that enables them to get through to the final part.”

Tye wrapped up the interview by getting the lowdown on where the name “Famous” came from. To get that story you’ll have to watch the video!