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Bonus Opportunity for Increased Promotion of Fashion, Technology and Car Parts

In September we are offering our partners extra rewards for increased promotion of eBay in the Technology, Fashion and Car Parts categories in the UK and Germany. This is a great opportunity to earn extra commission as you prepare for the busy end of year Holidays and it's open to all partners driving traffic to the UK and DE eBay sites! Here’s what you need to do to take part and earn extra commission: Increase your "winning bid revenue" by over 20% in at least one of the listed categories (below) in September 2011 compared with July 2011. If you can do this you will be rewarded with a bonus which will be 50% of the growth in winning bid revenue that exceeds 20%. Hopefully that sounds exciting and here are the full details and conditions for the category bonus promotion:

  • The bonus promotion applies only to the UK and DE programs, with accounts ONLY on the standard "QCP" payment model (Quality Click Pricing).
  • You do NOT necessarily need to have been active in either of the country programs in July 2011. To put it simply, we will reward you for becoming active in DE or the UK for the eBay Partner Network.
  • The bonus is calculated on the winning bid revenue growth which has occurred between July 2011 and September 2011. If you grow your winning bid revenue by more than 20% you will receive 50% of the winning bid revenue beyond the 20% growth. Please be aware: Only the winning bid revenue in the areas of Technology, Fashion and Car Parts will be used to calculate the bonus. These areas are made up of the following categories:

Promotion categories Uk & DE

In detail, the bonus promotion works as follows:

1. Integrate eBay in the areas of Technology, Fashion and Car Parts more prominently or more frequently, or send us higher quality traffic, which should in turn increase the winning bid revenue in September compared to July.

2. You can see how much winning big revenue you generated for us in July 2011 here:

Category Report ebay Partner Network

3. Useful tips for QCP optimization, integration and the perfect setup of your ePN account can be found here:

We wish you much success with the bonus promotion in September 2011 and look forward to your questions and feedback.