blog migration

Blog Changes and Enhancements

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy making improvements to the ePN blog that we hope will improve the overall user experience. First, we migrated our five global blog properties in-house from servers they had resided on in Europe. There were a few hiccups around comments and such, but those issues have been resolved.

This past week we made some significant strides in the ease of use of the blog. First, we updated out blog categories to be more helpful and easier to navigate. Second, we upgraded our comment system to the powerful Disqus platform. In addition to a permanent profile that travels with you across other Disqus-enabled blogs, it also adds the ability to more easily share comments through social media. Most importantly, it displays comments in a threaded conversation making replies much easier to follow.

I realize these are small things in the grand scale of the program, but we believe that anything we can do to better streamline communication and encourage discussion with our partners is a good thing. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Blog Migration Complete!

2/4 UPDATE: Comments are working again on the blog as well as a few other quirks we discovered post-migration. If you see something that still isn't quite right, please let us know.

2/2 UPDATE: We're aware of a few issues that have cropped up since the migration - the biggest being that comments aren't currently working. We're working diligently behind the scenes to find the cause of that. I am told that all existing comments are intact and will be restored. We'll keep you updated.


If you're seeing this post it means our DNS has propagated and you're now seeing the blog from our new home within the walls of eBay. We'll be kicking the tires and making sure that everything is working as expected, but please let us know if you find anything strange as you navigate the blog over the next few days.

Thanks for your patience during our move!

ePN Blog Migration

Preparations have long been underway to move our five ePN blogs (international and U.S.) from a European hosting company into eBay's internal servers. This week we start that process. That means that from this point until Wednesday (or so) we will be unable to update and publish content to the blog (that includes reader comments). We'll let you know when we've completed the transition and all is back to normal.

Please note: the blog will be accessible and available during our downtime so feel free to enjoy some light reading while we work behind the scenes.

Thank you for your patience and we'll see you from our new home at eBay HQ later this week!