chad wehrmaker

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Chad Wehrmaker Takes a Step Back

This week is bittersweet for all of us here as Chad Wehrmaker, Director of eBay Partner Network, announces his leave of absence. While we’re thrilled that Chad will get to spend some much-deserved time with his wife and new baby, we’re bummed that Chad won’t be part of our day to day culture around the office. Chad’s been with eBay for more than seven years and he’s been working as part of eBay Partner Network for four of those years. During that time he’s seen the program evolve in many ways – notably with the groundbreaking launch of Quality Click Pricing.

Chad believes that eBay Partner Network is currently positioned for tremendous success. With the constant innovation unfolding inside our walls and the passionate and motivated team currently in place, Chad says, “I’ve never been more confident that the team that is going to take over is going to do great work… I’ve never been more optimistic about what’s going to happen going forward with eBay in general in the marketplace and eBay Partner Network.”

Please join us in wishing Chad and his expanding family well wherever their journey takes them!