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eBay's Top Categories: Best Practices for Promoting eBay Fashion

eBay's Top Categories: Best Practices for Promoting eBay Fashion

With over 26.5 million active buyers in the US alone, eBay Fashion is the ultimate destination for your buyers to explore, experiment and snag the hottest looks right now. In the first quarter 2018, a watch was sold every 5 seconds, a pair of women’s shoes every 6 seconds, and a handbag every 11 seconds.

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: What’s the Buzz in Fashion?

A few weeks back Ivka Adam sat down with Megan O’Brien, Fashion Editor at eBay, to talk about what’s hot in the world of fashion. In addition to the kinds of spring and summer trends she observed while attending Fashion Week in New York, Megan also talked about the continuing positive shift in perception that the fashion world has of eBay in the space.

Of particular interest was the recent launch of the new Derek Lam collection designed exclusively for eBay shoppers.

“This was working with a top designer to put together an exclusive collection just for eBay and also included crowdsourcing techniques to actually decide what he was going to produce.,” said Ivka Adam. “So, this is something completely revolutionary in the fashion industry.”

Megan continued by saying, “I think it’s really wonderful for us in this landscape now working with these new designers… I think this will pave the way in the future to continue making these new perception-changing plays in the market so that consumers come to us for their clothing, shoes and accessories.”

Megan and Ivka talked about the recent addition of Andrea Linett to the team as Creative Director for eBay Fashion. Linett has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry including co-founding Lucky Magazine. Her presence is already being felt with an improved shopping experience on the fashion pages at eBay. They highlighted the more personal photographic profiles as well as a cleaner, more compelling layout that is easier to shop. This, of course, means a better buying experience for our customers and a more positive business experience for our publishers.

What’s your take on fashion at eBay? Do you like the changes being implemented? How do promotions like the Derek Lam collaboration change eBay’s perception in the marketplace?