eBay Giving Works

ePN TV: The Scoop on eBay Giving Works

On this episode of ePN TV, Ivka Adam is chatting with Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Director of Corporate Citizenship, about eBay Giving Works and how it’s making a positive difference to thousands of non-profit organizations.

“eBay Giving Works is our cause marketing program on eBay that connects buyers and sellers to causes that they care about through everyday transactions on the site,” says Skeeters-Behrens. “We have about 25,000 non-profits in our database, and if a seller’s cause that they want to support isn’t there we can add it to our database.”

Remember, these listings can be promoted by publishers the same way they’d promote any other listing - so there’s no reason not to do some good while you’re earning revenue as an affiliate! Currently eBay Giving Works is available in the US, UK and Canada with plans to expand to other countries in the future.

Editor’s Note: This segment was shot in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hence Amy’s reference to it in the episode.

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