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eBay Mobile App Attracts the Most Shoppers

Techcrunch published an article earlier this week about the state of U.S. mobile shopping and we felt the results were worth sharing with our publishers. As mobile payments become easier and more integrated into the shopping experience, consumers continue to increase the time they spend shopping on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

According to a survey conducted in June 2012 among 5,000 iPhone and Android users in the U.S., Nielson found that 47% have used a native shopping app on their phones. Analysts further say that 45 million U.S. consumers have used shopping apps at an average rate of 17 times per month.

eBay topped the list of shopping apps with 13.2 million unique users followed by Amazon with 12.1 million. Groupon, Shopkick and LivingSocial rounded out the top 5.

Every indication points to continued and steady growth in the mobile sector, and while this article doesn't pertain to directly to eBay Partner Network, it continues to highlight the shift in the way consumers discover the web and shop for things on their mobile devices. What are you doing about harnessing the power of mobile for your business? We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

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John Donahoe Discusses Q2 Earnings on CNBC

eBay CEO, John Donahoe, appeared on CNBC last week to discuss eBay’s strong Q2 earnings. Mobile, in particular, was credited with having a huge impact on revenue:

“We made a very big bet on mobile three or four years ago, and it’s really paying off,” he added. “These devices are becoming essential control systems of our lives.”

John later pointed out that over 90 million people have downloaded the eBay Mobile App and that eBay is expected to do over $10 billion of volume on its mobile apps this year.

Still not sold on mobile?

I wanted to share this piece for two reasons. First, I think it’s always helpful to understand the financial health of your business partners. After all, you put a lot of stock in your relationship with ePN and you want to be sure our company is in a strong place. Second, I wanted to emphasize the impact that mobile is having on revenue at eBay. Sure, in many cases John is talking about mobile apps, but it also means you should be thinking about whether or not your own site is optimized for mobile traffic.

There’s a lot of info to process here. We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.


ePN TV: NASCAR Adventures in Sonoma

This past weekend the eBay Motors Team invited me to Sonoma to experience the Toyota / Save Mart 350 race. I had never been to a NASCAR event, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. In addition, I also got a chance to pitch in and help produce some pretty cool video content that they've showcased on the eBay Motors Blog. If you’re a Motors publisher, this is some pretty cool stuff.

At the heart of the weekend was the eBay booth showcasing the eBay Motors App. We got a chance to chat with eBay’s VP of Mobile, Steve Yankovich, about why eBay is investing in events like this and what we can expect to see in the future across other verticals:

We wrapped up the weekend with montage of sorts to showcase all the cool stuff we saw:

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I’m excited about all the resources that eBay is dedicating to both Motors and Mobile and the passion with which they’re doing it. We’re making a sizeable investment in both of these areas (Motors and Mobile) and that can only drive increased awareness that helps all publishers. And don’t forget, as Steve mentioned, other verticals are around the corner – look for us to pop up at various events around the country in the coming months to spread the gospel of eBay.

Were you at Sonoma this weekend? What did you think? Did you have a chance to stop by our booth? If not, that’s OK too – we’d love to get your comments below.

Advancing Our Mobile Rollout

Over the last few years mobile has changed the way we think about every day tasks online. Its changed the way we approach email, web browsing, search and certainly, the way we shop. A new breed of retail is emerging: customers are driving anytime-anyhow-anywhere shopping through the power of mobile. A recent study by ABI Research noted that mobile commerce accounted for $3.4 billion in revenue in the U.S. in 2010. They predict that figure will balloon to $119 billion globally by 2015.

eBay is proud to be on the forefront of this exciting movement. We've enabled customers to shop for whatever they want, whenever they want it, from wherever they are. In fact, we're seeing more than 2 million items being purchased each week on eBay through a mobile device. Wow!

With that in mind, we’re really excited to move forward into the next phase of ePN Mobile: Mobile Apps!

To help you build a really cool app, the eBay Developer Program created our eBay Mobile iOS SDK with special affiliate tracking - which is currently in closed beta for testing. We want to give you plenty of time to prepare as this next iteration will not only serve as a new monetization opportunity for you, but will also harness the power of affiliate marketing to make money from your Mobile App.

If you have an iOS Mobile App (or an idea for an App) and would like to be notified when we open the beta, please send an email with your name, company name, phone number, App concept, and if you’re a registered ePN publisher, provide the email address you used to register for ePN. Once we open the ePN Mobile App beta to the public, we’ll send you an email.  You’ll be required to submit your Mobile App (or Mobile App concept) to see if it meets our eligibility requirements. Keep in mind that integration of the eBay Mobile iOS SDK is needed in order to be compensated through the eBay Partner Network.

NOTE: During this initial beta we will only be supporting iOS, but fear not, Android is on our radar!

The eBay Partner Network team is excited to launch the next phase in our rollout. Nobody is more committed to leading the charge in mobile than we are here at ePN. We hope that you’re as enthusiastic about the future of mobile as we are!

We understand that new initiatives like this are packed with questions and we want to answer them as best we can. Please feel free to leave your comment below or ask us questions on the discussion board Mobile App thread and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.