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Rev Your Engines for the eBay Motors Drop, Drop & Shop New Car Sale

For those of you who remember the New Car Revolution Devolution promotion eBay Motors held in June, we have another unique opportunity for you to share with your visitors. eBay Motors will be hosting the Drop, Drop & Shop New Car Sale. Every day, four to six brand new cars including Dodge Chargers, Chevrolet Camaros and Jeep Wranglers will be available with prices dropping by $500 every hour until the car is sold. Shoppers can choose to buy at the current price or see if they can hold out and snag it at a lower price before someone else steals the deal. Visitors can start browsing for their dream car today, and can shop October 18th through October 21st. There’s no limit to how low the prices can go!

This adrenaline-pumping price-dropping format may help you generate interest from visitors who are looking to buy a new auto during this unique short-term promotional period. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions!

eBay Teams up with "Bring a Trailer" on Corvette Restoration Project

We talk a lot here at eBay HQ about how we can creatively collaborate with our partners in a way that will help boost their businesses and drive strong engagement within our own communities. After white-boarding dozens of ideas each month, we occasionally stumble on one like the “Bring a Trailer” collaboration that launched earlier this year.

A Little History

Bring a Trailer has been a great partner at ePN for a long time. In fact, almost two years ago we did an ePN TV episode about the success of “content curators” on our network. Bring a Trailer was one of the examples we used of a niche website that had been able to successfully mobilize its community around one particular topic – in this case, cars.

From the Bring a Trailer site:

We put together Bringatrailer.com because finding great vintage cars online has become too much of a hassle. There is no need to keep sifting through hundreds of hopeless projects or overpriced dealer inventories to find that one car you’ve been looking for. We pick the winners and save you the trouble… the best bargains, the best dream cars, and the best rarities.

eBay Car Project

The concept was relatively simple: buy a classic car on eBay and use the eBay/Bring a Trailer community to crowdsource the best parts and accessories for the restoration on eBay. Obviously, there were some careful decisions that had to be made about the type of car, budget and general philosophy of the restoration. Bring a Trailer's Randy Nonnenberg explains below:

I’m told that the car is almost done and I, personally, can’t wait to see it. Even if vintage cars aren’t your thing, you have to respect the creativity and vision that went into a restoration sourced totally from eBay with the assistance and passion of hundreds of community members. You can read the entire story over at the eBay Motors Blog.

What do you think about the Bring a Trailer collaboration? Does this type of innovation fuel excitement about using eBay? What other niches could benefit from a promotion like this? We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

ePN TV: NASCAR Adventures in Sonoma

This past weekend the eBay Motors Team invited me to Sonoma to experience the Toyota / Save Mart 350 race. I had never been to a NASCAR event, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. In addition, I also got a chance to pitch in and help produce some pretty cool video content that they've showcased on the eBay Motors Blog. If you’re a Motors publisher, this is some pretty cool stuff.

At the heart of the weekend was the eBay booth showcasing the eBay Motors App. We got a chance to chat with eBay’s VP of Mobile, Steve Yankovich, about why eBay is investing in events like this and what we can expect to see in the future across other verticals:

We wrapped up the weekend with montage of sorts to showcase all the cool stuff we saw:

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I’m excited about all the resources that eBay is dedicating to both Motors and Mobile and the passion with which they’re doing it. We’re making a sizeable investment in both of these areas (Motors and Mobile) and that can only drive increased awareness that helps all publishers. And don’t forget, as Steve mentioned, other verticals are around the corner – look for us to pop up at various events around the country in the coming months to spread the gospel of eBay.

Were you at Sonoma this weekend? What did you think? Did you have a chance to stop by our booth? If not, that’s OK too – we’d love to get your comments below.

eBay Motors Fuelling Motor Enthusiasts Passion at the 2012 BTCC Championships

If you count yourself as one of ePN’s army of petrol-heads, then you may have already spotted one of 3 turbo-charged BMWs competing in this year’s British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) sporting eBay Motors’ colours. If not, maybe you just saw a blur of red, blue, yellow and green trailing with a plume of dust!

In other words, eBay Motors have sponsored a team in this year’s Championship and have recruited some highly talented drivers to represent the brand. Tom Onslow-Cole - considered one of the most promising young talents in British motorsport – races alongside Rob Collard and Nick Foster in the driver line-up. To keep up with the team, why not check out our dedicated microsite www.ebaymotorsbtcc.co.uk and hear key bloggers as well as press spreading the word about the team.

The sponsorship will play a central role in eBay’s 2012 UK Motors marketing activity, with the main goal to fuel the Motoring Enthusiasts interests and increase eBay’s affinity with the motoring world.

All very exciting of course, but what does this mean for you as a partner of eBay Partner Network?

Essentially, we want to be much more in tune with the market in which we operate. We want eBay Motors to be known as a company that fuels enthusiasts’ interests and provides the largest selection of great value and easy-to-find Parts and Accessories on the internet.

There are many ways to create compelling content and engaging integrations around this topic, you can read all about it in a guest post from the ePN blog.  Using some of these ideas, and with eBay Motor’s improved profile within the motoring world, you can really help to turn your audience of readers into an army of shoppers!

There are some exciting things happening with the eBay Motors site at the moment which you can keep up with here http://motors.ebay.co.uk.

Team eBay Motors is ready, so are the cars … so to get you revved up and in the right mood, check out this little video:

Purchase a Set of Four Tires or Wheels and Get a $100 Rebate

Apologies for the late notice on this promo, but we wanted to make sure that our partners were aware of the amazing deal going on over at eBay Motors. From now until March 25th, anyone that purchases four tires or wheels will get a $100 Visa Prepaid Card! This is the biggest Parts & Accessories deal of the year and we want you to get the word out to your audience and help them start cashing in!

You may remember that we talked to Danny Chang a few weeks back on ePN TV about the eBay Tire Center and how easy it makes it for anyone to find the right wheels and tires for their make and model vehicle. This a great opportunity to put that seamless tire-buying experience to the test.

The landing page is: http://parts.motors.ebay.com/tires?rId=9023

If you have questions about this promotion, please leave them in the comments section below. Happy motoring!


ePN TV: Danny Chang Updates Us on Motors

Part of our goal here at ePN is to make sure that our partners are kept up-to-date with what’s happening inside the walls of eBay. To that end we’re sitting down with Danny Chang, Head of eBay Motors Marketing, to talk about some of the exciting things they have going on for March and April.

Danny definitely understands and appreciates the work that our Publishers do in the Motors space and had this to say on the subject:

“The eBay affiliate program is one of our most important channels for the parts as well as vehicles business so we definitely appreciate all the hard work you guys put in and look forward to doing more through this channel.”

You can check out the My Vehicles promotion HERE and the Tire Center experience HERE. If you have any questions for us or for Danny, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you. Happy motoring!

Mobile Tech That’s Changing the Way We Shop

Here at ePN we talk a lot about the shifts happening in the way that consumers shop and pay. We’re always thinking about ways to integrate the behaviors and technology of tomorrow into our constantly evolving program. Last year you’ll remember that we made a big push around ePN Mobile. At eBay we believe that Mobile is the future and that preparing your business for that shift is imperative.

Evidence of that shift surfaced over at eBay Motors today with the release of their new mobile app. Highlights include:

  • New Search! See a car you like? Use Vehicle Finder to take a pic and find it on eBay – no typing needed
  • Win more stuff! Receive notifications for when you are outbid, items you are watching are ending and for Best Offer
  • Watch live eBay Motors broadcasts from events and races in the Videos section
  • Haven't uploaded a photo of your car to the Garage? Stock images for vehicles now show in the Garage
  • Share parts and vehicles you are buying or selling with friends and followers on Twitter (iOS 5 only)

My favorite part is that you can snap a picture of a car and it will find it for you on eBay. Pretty insane, right?

What sort of progress are you making on your mobile strategies? How do releases like this inspire you or cause you to rethink your current year-long planning? We’d love to get your comments below.

Let's Talk eBay Motors: People's Picks and SEMA

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd annual eBay Motors People’s Picks campaign!

Consumers are able to choose from a variety of automotive sub categories (muscle cars, import tuners, off-roaders, etc.) and vote for their favorite automotive brands. Best of all, voters are entered in to a sweepstakes to win weekly cash prizes and a grand prize trip to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show - an exclusive industry-only gathering of the largest automotive aftermarket brands. Speaking of SEMA, eBay Partner Network will once again be in attendance. If you want to meet up to discuss all things ePN and Motors, reach out to Tye DeGrange, manager of the Motors program.

eBay will formally recognize the 2011 People’s Picks winners during the SEMA show. Last year’s program generated over 370,000 votes and led to several new and strengthened relationships to augment both advertising and business development efforts. We are already well over our 1 million votes this year!

New for this year, enthusiasts can now vote on-the-go with the latest version of the eBay Motors Mobile iPhone App. Mobile voters will be automatically registered in our weekly sweepstakes to win an Apple iPad 2. So far there have been over 30,000 votes since the Mobile campaign went live two weeks ago.

You can vote for your personal favorites in the following categories:

  • American Muscle Cars
  • Motorsports
  • Trucks
  • Four Wheeler/Off Road
  • Classic European
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars in Culture
  • Modern Foreign and Domestic
  • Import Tuner
  • Project Corner

eBay Motors People’s Picks runs through September 30, 2011. Voters can enter the debate online or via mobile through the eBay Motors iPhone app for a chance to win a weekly iPad 2 giveaway. Chime in for your chance to win!

Driving Revenue with eBay Motors

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Famous Rhodes, director of eBay Motors, to get his take on the new features that can help affiliates make the most out of the Internet’s largest marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive. We wanted to follow that up with a quick lap around the site to get you up to speed on the many opportunities for affiliates.

With about 55,000 cars and trucks, 6,700 motorcycles, 2,600 boats and a mind-boggling 18 million parts and accessories for all types of vehicles, the site is growing every day, attracting a large audience of global buyers.

So how can you generate additional revenue by promoting eBay Motors to your audience? Let’s get to know the resources available so you feel comfortable steering your guests to the site.

Cars and Trucks

From new to used (or “pre-owned,” if you’d like to adopt the dealership euphemism), Acura to Volkswagen, eBay Motors was built upon its vast selection of cars and trucks.  Buyers can search by zip code for nearby vehicles, and can also browse local classifieds.

Do you run an environmental site? Try promoting alternative fuel vehicles. Mommy bloggers might want to highlight family-friendly minivans or SUVs, while luxury sites can focus on convertibles or the wildly popular collector car section.

Motorcycles and Boats

These two categories are especially hot in the summer months, when buyers dream about the freedom of speeding down an open road on a classic Harley. We have seen strong growth in the motorcycle category, coinciding with the rise in gas prices. The new buyers in the market have also driven demand for parts and accessories such as helmets and jackets.

However, others prefer to speed on water, throwing wake behind the helm of a sleek motorboat. Other active warm weather vehicles on the site include RVs and campers, personal watercrafts like Jet Skis, golf carts and even dune buggies. If your site is more appealing to snow bunnies, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with snowmobiles.

Parts and Accessories

This category has exploded in recent years, as buyers look for great deals on replacement parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles. In fact, according to Forrester/Jupiter research, eBay represents 45 to 50 percent of all online automotive part sales.

Literally anything you can think of for an automobile, boat, motorcycle or other specialty vehicles can be found on the site – even including wholesale lots, manuals, apparel, tools and services. The parts and accessories section offers a great opportunity for enterprising affiliates, as it is the most visited category within eBay Motors.

Though your site content might not be specifically geared toward motor vehicles, most households have at least one vehicle, so many of your visitors could be buyers if you can find a relevant way to introduce Motors listings within your site. If you’ve found a creative way to integrate eBay Motors items into your non-auto site, let us know – we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Chatting with eBay Partner Network: Let's Talk Motors!

This week on Chatting with ePN, Tye DeGrange talks to Famous Rhodes, Director of eBay Motors, about some of ongoing enhancements and improvements being made to the Motors program.

First up, Famous talks about Fitment:

“What we now give publishers the ability to do is refine the inventory we have on eBay, the 18 million parts on our site to the specific makes and models that they’re writing about and blogging about to their enthusiast groups.”

Additionally, Famous and Tye chatted about the new Motors Mobile App that was recently launched:

“When you download this app you can actually custom-tailor your experience to this year, make and model experience of being able to see the enthusiast vehicles you have, or you desire to have, in the marketplace.”

Famous continued by addressing the tremendous growth that’s happening in the Parts and Accessories space and why he believes improving search parameters is so vital to a better user experience:

“We tried to find ways to structure the data because we’ve seen incredible growth in the overall selection in the category. We’ve grown from about a million listings to 18 million listings in the past five years. So what we’re trying to do is tailor an experience for the consumer that enables them to get through to the final part.”

Tye wrapped up the interview by getting the lowdown on where the name “Famous” came from. To get that story you’ll have to watch the video!