eBay Social Selling Pilot

What Can Publishers Learn from eBay’s Social Selling Pilot?

Since the beginning of 2012, eBay has been working with a group of 8 sellers to help them build their business and increase sales by using social media.

From the eBay Ink Blog:

We brought [sellers] to San Jose, spent a day outlining sellers’ strategy, and committed them to at least 30 minutes per day working on their social media strategy. Turns out some of our initial ideas were great, some were good, and some were not as good. We learned that building relationships enabled online word of mouth advertising, and that providing tastes that compliment an eBay seller’s brand allowed for product and seller discovery much more than spamming listings. We also learned (err, confirmed) that sellers have to be authentic, as faking interests is quite transparent. And we also learned we have a lot of work to do providing educational material that actually reaches our sellers.

                                                       -Andrew Chase

Obviously, this is a small pilot program so there’s no way to tell how this might scale across thousands of sellers, but the initial data and revenue increases are worth a closer look. In fact, it is so compelling that it got me thinking about how our Publishers might be able to use some of these basic tactics to boost revenue for their businesses. How can you be using social media to drive more traffic to your site and more interest in your brand?

NOTE: Please remember that it is against our terms of service to drive traffic directly to eBay from any social media account. Instead, the desired lead path is to migrate users from your social media channels to your website and complete the click to eBay from your domain. This approach not only keeps things within our TOS, it also has a better chance of building a long-term supporter of your brand.