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eBay's Jim "Griff" Griffith on What the Seller Release Means for Affiliates

We've taken a slightly different approach to the video for this week, and we actually have six short videos for you. This week, Jim Griffith, aka "Griff" - one of the very first eBay employees and somewhat of a legend in the eBay Community - sat down with us to tell us more about the Seller Release announced last week and what some of the changes mean for affiliates. There's a lot of content here, but certain sections may not be relevant for everyone, so we've cut it into six bite size pieces to allow you to watch only what's most relevant to you. There are some great changes in this release that will impact affiliates in a positive way, so tune in and enjoy! SHOPPING CART

As part of our updated Seller Release, eBay is introducing a shopping cart. Today’s online buyers are accustomed to having a shopping cart to combine items in their shopping session and pay in one easy checkout. A shopping cart can actually encourage buyers to consider other items before checking out and buy more with each visit. For sellers, a shopping cart eliminates almost all unpaid items for your Fixed Price listings, ensuring items aren’t removed from your inventory until the buyer pays.

On Fixed Price listings, your buyers will see an “Add to cart” button instead of a “Buy It Now” button. Auction-style listings are automatically added to a buyer’s cart once they place a bid. Buyers can add items from the same or different sellers to their cart. They can check out and pay for all the items in their cart at once, or check out on selected items and save others for later.

The cart is available now for buyers to try out and in the coming weeks buyers will be transitioned slowly to the new shopping cart. For more information visit the links below:

New eBay Shopping Cart from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.


To make it faster and easier for buyers to search and browse, the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category structure is being updated and sellers will be required to use item specifics. Buyers can refine their search by Brand, Style, Color, Size Type and Size earlier - that means finding relevant items faster.

To make the category structure more intuitive, eliminate redundancies, and offer a more retail-like shopping experience, starting April 4 some categories will be rolled up, removed, or added and some lower sub-categories will be elevated.

We’ll also be including things like a size chart and handbag measurement guide to help the buyer shop. For more information on additional improvements to Clothing, Shoes & Accessories click the link below:

Improved Search in eBay Fashion from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.


eBay continues to strengthen the customer experience in the Motors Parts & Accessories category. Starting May 9th, we’ll require a defined return policy, handling time and item condition for Motors Parts & Accessories. This will help set buyer’s expectations and reduce questions for sellers.

You can get more information here:

Motors Parts and Accessories from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.


At eBay we're constantly looking for ways to make it easier to promote international products. That's why we’re making changes to the way international listings are surfaced in order to give buyers more choices. We’re also creating global standards around seller performance in order to ensure a positive buying experience.

Dig deeper into international shipping and our global changes below:

Global Selling Update from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.


Last Fall we rolled out the product based experience in iPod & MP3 Players, GPS devices, and DVD’s categories. This experience features a class of products and allows the buyer to easily find an item at the best value whether its new, refurbished, fixed price or auction. Starting in June we will be launching the product based experience in over 30 of our other categories including cell phones, digital cameras, video game systems, laptops, and tablets. This new experience makes it easier for you to promote a specific type of item instead of simply pointing buyers to a search results page or listing.

Get more information on this exciting new way to shop in electronics here:

A New Way to Shop in Electronics Categories from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.


eBay has made some changes to the timing and availability of seller funds. Essentially, it changes the way sellers with little or no selling history receive payments through PayPal. We’ve seen that sellers responsible for the most eBay Buyer Protection cases are those who have limited selling history or sellers who are not meeting minimum performance standards. This change is just another way we’re ensuring a great experience for our buyers.

You can get more detailed information about this update by clicking here:

Seller Funds Availability from eBay Partner Network TV on Vimeo.