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50 Percent of All Adults Use Social Networking

Here at eBay we believe in the tremendous power of social networks – not only as tools to sell products, but also as a great way to connect people and build communities. Maybe you’ve read a couple of the posts I’ve written about the importance and implementation of social networking for your business? If not, you can find them HERE, HERE and HERE.

Late last week Pew Research Center released a study that shows that half of all adults in the United States use social networks. That’s 50% of ALL Americans – not just the ones that say they’re online. Six years ago when Pew did this same study, only 5% of all adults said they used social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. If we break down the study even further we see that 83% of respondents in the 18-29 age range said they use social networking sites, compared to 51% of the 50-64 age bracket.

What does this mean to publishers?

This study highlights the way that technology is changing the way we spend our time engaging, connecting and shopping. Adults of all ages continue to adopt social media as part of their daily routines and your business could (and should) be benefiting from that shift in behavior. Did you know that Facebook is the second most-trafficked website in the U.S.? In fact, according to Alexa, five of the top 10 most visited sites are social media sites. Impressive right?

Over the last year have you seen a shift in how consumers discover and use your business? Is social media a factor in how you operate day-to-day? If you’re not actively using social media to promote your business, what is the tipping point you’re waiting for? We’d love to get your thoughtful insights and comments below.