Reflecting on 2017: Valuable Highlights to Take Into 2018


2017 was a memorable year for all of us. From  the launch our new “Fill Your Cart With Color” brand platform, to smart new tools that will take your business to the next level, shipping and pricing guarantees, optimization tips and much more, we’re committed to giving you everything you need to make the most of your partnership with eBay.

As we review the highlights via our most popular posts of 2017, take note for 2018: these posts are full of tips, tools and tactics that will help you start strong in the New Year.

eBay works for you

We launched two important new brand promises in the U.S: our Price Match Guarantee means you can confidently promote over 50,000 deals knowing that they’re the lowest prices online. And Guaranteed Delivery ensures deliveries in three days or less on 23+ million items, no membership required.

We also launched our “Fill Your Cart With Color” brand platform in June, coinciding with the restructuring of our 1 billion listings, producing a better conversion experience for your referred buyers. “Did you check eBay?” became the battle cry that helps you convert visitors to buyers.

Earn more, faster and easier

Now you can instantly turn your website into a commissions-generating machine with Smart Suite. Smart Links converts any eBay links on your site -- past, present or future -- into personalized, trackable affiliate links. Smart Placements are easy-to-use, dynamic banner ads that help you earn more by matching the branding of your site and the behavior of your visitors for higher conversion potential. These banners are simple to customize by keyword, too.

Another important new tool that we recently rolled out is the RSS Feed Generator, which enables you to filter by commissionable deals (US & CA), occurrence (Daily, Weekly, etc.), listing date, price, and more.

And to make earning simpler, faster and more profitable for you, we introduced a lower payment threshold of just $10 US or units of local currency -- one of the lowest in the industry.

Know your SEO

If there’s one critical lesson learned from 2017, it’s that Google algorithm shifts, like the dreaded “Fred” update, can swiftly -- and unexpectedly -- sink your business if you’re not delivering a high-quality user experience by following best practices for content, ads and site structure.

The good news is you don’t have to be a tech whiz to quickly fix common SEO mistakes. We’ve found that SEO is one of the most popular topics among partners, so we frequently publish expert SEO tips, including what you need to know about Google Quality Rater Guidelines and how to use Google’s new Ad Experience Report to easily and quickly fix your site’s problem spots.

Be savvy with your social

Social media is an effective way to attract, engage and convert buyers -- as long as you pick the right channels for your business. In 2017, the popularity of Facebook Live provided fresh ways for partners to beat Facebook’s algorithm and connect with audiences, and we announced a change in policy so you can now link directly to eBay in a “boosted post” on Facebook. On social and elsewhere, be sure you use one of our approved link shorteners to maximize your marketing space and minimize long URLs.

Beyond sharing blog content and tips, we’ve found that partners use our channels as a source of connecting with our team and each other. We are always available to answer questions and provide support to help you succeed. Be sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram and LinkedIn to stay in the know on the latest deals, tips and trends.

Get more from your marketing

We connected with digital marketing experts Chris Brogan, Stephan Spencer, Syed Balkhi, Shama Hyder, among others, to bring you expert advice from the pros on how to maximize your online effectiveness and grow your business. From best practices on how to promote eBay globally to free and low-cost ideas to build your traffic and grow your business, what to do if you’re a seller who’s joined our partnership program, and how to attract buyers who come back for more, we bring you proven techniques to take your marketing to the max from both our top-tier internal team and world-renowned experts.

We’re always here for you

You have choices for who to partner with, and we appreciate that you choose to work with eBay. Our entire team, including our global customer support leaders, are here to provide you with as much support as possible. If you have questions about the what’s happening with our website, publisher portal, reports or payments, you can always check our newly established eBay Partner Network Status page. This blog is also a great resource for timely information, like what you need to know about the FTC’s crackdown on disclosures. And our exclusive Insiders group delivers exclusive benefits including educational opportunities, a way to network with fellow publishers, and a path to help shape the future of eBay Partner Network -- so if you haven’t joined yet, now’s the time!

We hope that 2017 was a profitable year for you; stay tuned next week as we share with you the marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

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