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eBay Partner Network Has a New Website


You may have noticed that eBay Partner Network has a new look, along with some new resources to help you find, share and earn from your passions. We’re making continuous updates to features and functionality, and appreciate the feedback we’ve already received from you. In this episode of EPN TV, John talks about some of the current highlights of the new site.

Here are a few of our favorite things:

Earnings Calculator

If you’ve been curious about potential earnings in categories you might not yet be promoting, check out the new earnings calculator on the homepage for a sample of what you could expect, based on average commissions on popular products. We’ve started with some of eBay’s best-selling products, and we plan to add more in the future.


When you log into the Publisher Portal, you’ll see that we’ve begun to add features to provide you with new ways to drive and optimize traffic. For example, click on Campaigns to try our new bookmarklet tool, currently in beta. It’s simple: Drag the bookmark icon from a campaign to your web browser’s bookmark folder. Then, when you find an eBay page to share, simply click the bookmark to see a popup with your affiliatized link.

Mobile-Friendly Reporting

Though it may not be apparent to the naked eye, we’ve updated the underlying system that our website is built upon. This allows us to increase stability and paves the way for the introduction of new tools and resources to improve your experience with EPN. For example, we’ve implemented a responsive design and eliminated Flash in our reporting section so you can view reports on any device, at any time.

We’re currently moving forward with additions to improve the site and to address the feedback we’ve received from you. If you have a feature you’d like to see added or if you spot something that isn’t working as expected, please send us an email at

My Big Weekend Savings in the UK: March 24-29


Ready to end the month strong with the potential to boost sales? From today until March 29, some of the most popular products across our hottest verticals will be on sale in the UK. Direct your visitors to the My Big Weekend page where they’ll find deeply discounted items in Electronics, Fashion and Home & Garden. Below are some of our top deals: Electronics


 Home & Garden

Your visitors can find even more deals from brand names by visiting the UK Deals page. We’re also providing you with a variety of creatives to help promote this event. Utilize these visually appealing graphics to encourage your visitors to save big over the next few days. Hurry! These deals won't last long.

Fashion Forward in the UK


We’re excited to share that each week, eBay will roll out several new sales events on the UK fashion page. Promoting these fresh deals is a great way for you to get the attention of fashion-forward and price-conscious buyers, so encourage your visitors to shop eBay – a top destination for savings on new, designer and brand name apparel, shoes and accessories. We’re offering deep discounts on the latest styles from shopper-favorite brands, including Burberry, French Connection, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Puma, Zara and more. Below is just a taste of the savings your visitors can expect.

Valid through March 24:

 Valid through March 31:

Be sure to visit the UK fashion page regularly, as new sales and events will launch weekly. You can also follow us on Twitter at @ebaypartnernet, where we share the latest and greatest sales across all categories in the US and UK programs.

Questions? Leave them in the comments. Happy promoting!

My Big Weekend Savings: 25 February – 1 March


As we roll through February, it’s time to dive into our next My Big Weekend campaign with the potential to boost sales. Starting 25 February, some of the most popular products in our hottest verticals such as Electronics, Home & Garden and Fashion will be on sale. We’ve highlighted some of the top deals below and for a full list, direct your visitors here. Electronics


Home & Garden


To help you promote this event, we’ve provided a variety of creatives that you can find here. Use these eye-catching visuals to encourage your visitors to shop the My Big Weekend page where they’ll find a wide selection of deeply discounted items. These deals will end on 1 March at 8 AM, but be sure to check back on our blog frequently as we’ll add more about different sales and events.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get them answered for you.

Performance Marketing Awards 2015 | We’ve Been Shortlisted!


With the countdown to April’s ceremony well underway, the shortlist for the Performance Marketing Awards 2015 has been revealed, and eBay Partner Network have been nominated for its uLink native app linking technology! This April, Grosvenor House will host almost 1,000 advertisers, publishers, networks, agencies and technology providers to celebrate phenomenal achievements throughout the year.

Leading entries were identified by the judging panel, featuring experts from Arcadia, Google,, the IAB, GroupM and many more. Judges were tasked with pinpointing outstanding contributors to performance marketing across an ever-expanding range of categories.

Judges this year remarked on the clear objectives exhibited by entrants and strength of the applications, in addition to the tough decisions presented to the panel.

eBay’s uLink native app linking technology brings together the app and web-based world, allowing for a greater propensity to purchase via apps. We have evolved our linking process so that any publisher traffic that follows an affiliate link on their mobile device will be automatically redirected to the eBay app (dependent on preference settings). All user tracking is linked between the web environment and the app with the publisher now rewarded for, what would in other programmes be, an unattributed purchase.

We'll be updating partners with more information on release dates over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

See the full list here:

Earn Up to 35% Extra in December in the UK Program!

PostIt The holidays are fast approaching, and the shoppers are out in force! We are committed to helping you make the most of the holiday season, and we’re pleased to announce that our UK program is adding an additional tier to our Holiday promotion in December.

How does the promotion work?

If you increase your earnings by at least 20% (compared to your earnings in October 2013) during December, you’ll be eligible for a bonus on your total earnings for that month.

These bonuses will be tiered as follows:

Bonus Earned                                                                            Earnings Increase 

10% bonus on ALL earnings                                                         20% – 24.99% earnings increase

15% bonus on ALL earnings                                                         25% – 39.99% earnings increase

25% bonus on ALL earnings                                                         40% – 49.99% earnings increase

35% bonus on ALL earnings                                                         Greater than 50%

Which regions will be eligible for the promotion?

The promotion is available to all publishers participating in the UK program on the standard ePN pricing model.

It’s just one of the ways we’re helping you maximize your earning potential during the festive peak shopping season!  Questions?  Feel free to ask them in the comments below.

eBay Partner Network Launches UK Blog


Communicating with our publishers and keeping them up-to-date on the program is incredibly important to us. For the last few years we’ve had blogs in five different languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. While this approach was helpful in addressing the language preferences of our partners around the world, it didn’t address the localized needs of each specific market. To that end, we have two things to announce today.

First, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a dedicated blog for our UK Partners. This resource will focus on content that can help our publishers across the pond make the most of their relationship with eBay Partner Network. Our team in Europe is working hard to queue up content, and we should see lots more over the coming weeks. Visit and let the team know what you think!

The second item we want to announce is smaller, but no less important. Instead of treating our blogs as a collection of content translated into five different languages, we’ve shifted the way we think about their use. Instead of labeling them by language, we’re now referring to each blog by the country they serve, including: U.S., Germany, U.K., Spain, Italy and France. Our hope and intent is that these resources will become even more valuable to publishers in each of those programs by focusing on regional topics, rather than solely on language.

We want to congratulate our European Team on a successful launch of the UK Blog. If you have questions or comments about either of these items, please feel free to leave a comment below.

ePN TV: Introducing Matthias Klappenbach, Senior Product Manager


This week on ePN TV we’re excited to welcome our Senior Product Manager, Matthias Klappenbach. Matthias joined eBay five and half years ago and worked with our SEO Team in Germany. He moved over to the U.S. in 2009 and joined ePN in the second half of 2012.

“We have a lot of stuff on our plate this year, but our biggest priority is that we want to make the product simpler for our publishers,” says Klappenbach. “We know that certain tools aren’t working that well today, so we want to simplify our toolset. We want to make our tools more efficient and, in general, we want to have a better publisher experience on the product side.”

We are incredibly excited to have someone with the level of skill and dedication that Matthias brings to our Product Team. In addition to relying on our internal team to guide the product roadmap, Matthias is looking to our publishers for feedback on the blog, the forums and on Twitter.

“I’m spending quite some time every week actually reading through comments from our publishers, and we are really taking it seriously. I think we have good ways that we engage with publishers, but nevertheless, we are thinking constantly about what we can do better and maybe we can come up with better ways to engage.”

We hope you’ll take a minute to welcome Matthias to the eBay Partner Network Team! Say hello in the comments below!

Understanding the Domain Validation Change


UPDATE 2/22/13: We have added some answers to most frequently asked questions we'll be answering over the last couple of days. We hope this is helpful.


Today, we have officially removed the requirement for validating your domains with eBay Partner Network. You may remember that last month we made an initial announcement about this change, and that prompted questions from our partners, such as:  Is there a list of specific third-party sites we’re allowed to use? What about Social Media?

Good questions.

Starting today, we’re launching a pilot of sorts that will allow partners to promote eBay on any site in a manner that fits within the spirit of our Code of Conduct. Specifically, we want to call out the following sections:

Third Party Terms.  You are responsible for complying with all terms of use applicable to third party sites should you place Links or Promotional Content on such sites.

Reservation of Rights.   eBay Partner Network reserves the right to filter, and/or withhold compensation for, traffic that we believe does not comply with any of the terms above.

That means that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all acceptable platforms for promoting eBay. So, when we say “spirit” in the above paragraph, what do we mean? Well, promoting eBay on your own Facebook Wall would fall within the spirit of our Code, while spamming the Walls of your Facebook friends with eBay links, would not. Additionally, adult content and gambling websites would also fall outside of our agreement. In short, we’re asking you to think ethically and always keep eBay’s brand in mind when deciding on promotional placement.

From our side, this means that we have to be incredibly vigilant about network quality. Our team will be closely monitoring traffic and placement to make sure our partners continue to send quality traffic to eBay.

Finally, URL shorteners have become an integral part of social networking and we want you to be able to use them. Please note that in 2015 we updated the list of approved URL shortening services to those offered by: Stumble UponTwitter and Google. Using any other URL shorteners will result in your traffic being invalidated.

We hope you’re excited about this change. As we’ve mentioned a few times already, we’re committed to winning your V.O.T.E.S. this year, and we believe this moves the needle in a significant way toward that end. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this pilot successful and sustainable for the long term.

We know there is a lot of information to take in from this post. Please share any feedback or ask any questions you may have in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Update to Domain Requirements Coming January 23rd!

If you’ve been part of our program for any period of time, you’re probably aware of our policies regarding domain registration and validation. For some of you, those requirements meant a bit of extra work, and for others it meant you weren’t able to participate in our program at all. Today, we’re excited to announce a couple of significant positive changes that will begin rolling out on January 23rd.

Mobile Domain Registration

In the past, we’d asked all publishers to register their domains with us in order to be paid on mobile traffic. As of January 23rd, you’ll receive compensation on all mobile traffic regardless of the domain being registered, and will see data on mobile traffic in your dashboard shortly thereafter.

Domain Validation

As part of our program we’ve always required publishers to show proof of domain ownership by validating their websites. Unfortunately, that meant sites hosted on platforms like Blogger or were not eligible to participate in our program. We’re pleased to announce that on February 20th that restriction will be lifted. From that date you’ll be able to use third-party blog platforms to host your content and promote eBay.

Let’s Make it Easier

Over the last few months, you’ve heard us talk a bit about our V.O.T.E.S. strategy for 2013. We have made a commitment to make things as easy and efficient as possible for our publishers and this was the first step. Over the coming months we’ll continue to evaluate our existing policies and procedures and streamline them as much as possible to make it easier to participate in our program.

We’re excited about these two new changes and we hope you are too. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and we’ll do our best to get you an answer quickly.