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It’s Happening on eBay: How Our Evolving Brand Platform Makes What’s Happening Around the World Shoppable

It’s Happening on eBay: How Our Evolving Brand Platform Makes What’s Happening Around the World Shoppable

Last night during the Thursday Night Football game, we kicked off our latest brand campaign- “It’s Happening” - to more than ___ million viewers. Designed as more than just a brand campaign, we’re aiming to express to shoppers around the world what we’ve known all along: Everything that’s current, relevant and interesting is on eBay – and your shoppers can buy it now. Take a look:

Introducing eBay Collective

Introducing eBay Collective

We’re excited to announce that eBay recently launched an all-new destination for a curated selection of furniture, contemporary design, fine arts and antiques. Whether your visitors are working on minor home touch-ups or a full-blown extreme makeover, eBay Collective includes world-class inventory for an elevated shopping experience.

Direct your site’s users to shop the collection, which includes seatingtables...

Ask Me Anything with eBay’s Head of SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important topic for just about anyone who publishes content online. So to help you maximize your efforts to rank higher on search engines, we gave Insiders the opportunity to get their burning SEO questions in front of Pete Dainty, eBay's head of search engine optimization. Here are a few of your questions, along with Pete’s responses: 

“Do you know if its widely assumed if Google uses its customers' site Analytics data, such as Time On Site and Bounce Rate, to influence site/page rankings?” - Helios825, helios825.org

“Aside from any of the legal implications, I wouldn’t assume that Google is using your site analytics data to influence rankings or whether they use data from Chrome.

“Whether or not it influences search engine rankings, bounce rate is an important metric we track internally at eBay for our site experience, what matters most is if people engage. Very simply, the lower the bounce rate, the more people are engaging with your site and that can only be good.

“Google, for example, wants to reward great user experience as per its own guidelines and this is where I’d focus.”

“Are amp pages going to be key in eBay SEO in the near future?” - Jane Williams, y-net.co.uk

“Irrespective of search engine rankings, AMP pages are key for a faster mobile experience and solving for impatience and frustration from tolerating slow loading sites.

“Personally, I’d like to see AMP become the default for all web pages and I’d recommend that any site look in to it (http://ampproject.org).

“eBay wants to have the fastest possible experience for all people, if search engines choose to reward it, that’s great, but site experience comes first.

“There have been numerous studies on the impact of site speed on engagement, so again ignoring search engine rankings, having a faster site should please more of our customers and that’s key for eBay.”

We’ll share more questions and answers in upcoming posts. In the meantime, you can also read this recent blog post for more SEO tips.

New Semester, New Savings


It may feel like summer just got started but kids are already trading in playtime to hit the books. Whether they’re off to kindergarten or on to college life, eBay is a one-stop shop for back-to-school essentials. Below are just a few of the deals to help your visitors get back to reality. Turn it Up with Tech

Fashion-Forward Style Starting at $9.99

Home is Where the Heart is

Keep It Fresh

Study Hall Faves


EPN partners can take advantage of the increased demand for textbooks and direct their visitors to half.com for great prices. We’re also offering a coupon to help visitors save even more. Below are the details:

Right now is the perfect time to start promoting back-to-school basics and to do so, we’re providing you with a variety of creatives. Utilize these graphics to guide your visitors to save big as they head back to class.

Catch buyers with the Pokémon GO phenomenon


Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past week, you probably know that Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm. The augmented reality mobile game is making daily headlines for increasing the steps of gamers who scour neighborhoods, equipped with their mobile devices’ GPS and camera, earning points and advancing levels by capturing, battling and training virtual Pokémon characters.

If it seems like this phenomenon came out of left field, it may surprise you to learn that Pokémon items have actually been at the top of the eBay trend charts for quite some time. In fact, Pokémon has been the fourth best-selling fandom franchise on eBay globally for the past decade, beating out Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.

Biggest-Franchises-of-All-Time-eBay-Data2But with the launch of this new Pokémon GO mobile game, its popularity among millennials and other groups has leveled up. Since the release of the app in several countries including the United States in mid-July, one Pokémon-related item has sold every 12 seconds globally on eBay, which is a 57% increase from its pre-app average selling rate.

Fans are clamoring for the most popular Pokémon GO merchandise, which eBay Data Labs has released here. eBay is the premiere destination for hard-to-find items, like the $35 Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, which is sold out elsewhere but currently selling for $109 - $128 on eBay.

You can capture your audience with this trend by promoting it on your site, and particularly on social media with the trending #PokemonGO hashtag. Direct your visitors to eBay’s Pokémon GO landing page for the best deals and most popular items in the Collectibles, Electronics and Fashion categories, including:

Collectibles: Stickers, caps, toys, stuffed animal, trading cards

Fashion: T-Shirts/apparel

Electronics: Gameboy games and consoles, power banks, iPhone covers

See what other Pokémon GO items are most coveted by fans by visiting eBay Data Labs. And let us know if you’ll jump on this trend by leaving a comment below!

EPN TV: John Toskey on the Value of Promoting the Parts & Accessories Category on eBay


Have you visited the eBay Motors hub lately? This one-stop shop for all of your visitors’ vehicle needs includes popular car and truck parts like wheels, tires, brakes and engine components, as well as parts and accessories for motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more. In this episode of EPN TV, John Toskey talks about the popularity of eBay as a destination for parts and accessories, as well as why you should consider promoting these items to your audience.

eBay is the largest ecommerce player for this category in many major countries, including the US, Germany and the UK. This category offers great earning potential around a high-growth segment, and the EPN commission rate for Parts & Accessories is very competitive.

How often are people shopping online for vehicle parts? In the US, three parts and accessories are sold on eBay every second. Germany sees one part or accessory sold every second, and in the UK, mobile shoppers are using their smartphones to purchase one part or accessory on eBay every three seconds.

You can direct visitors to listings, search pages or the Motors landing page, which makes it easy for buyers to use eBay’s Fitment function to find parts based on their vehicle year, make and model. And with top brands like Michelin, Bosch, Goodyear as well as Ford, BMW and many more, your visitors are sure to find the specific part they need.

It pays to promote Parts & Accessories on eBay. Direct your visitors to eBay Motors and the Parts & Accessories subsection to kick your earnings into overdrive.


EPN TV: John Toskey Talks Structured Data


In this episode of EPN TV, John talks about a major initiative undertaken by eBay Marketplaces to provide buyers with an even more compelling experience. While eBay has traditionally provided flexibility around seller listing requirements, we saw an opportunity to improve by layering additional structured data on top of this free-form listing data. By shifting toward cataloging items as products rather than as individual listings:

  • Search results are more relevant
  • Items are easier to find and compare
  • Product reviews can be better collected and shared
  • Deals are more obvious

In fact, early results have shown conversion rate improvements, which should translate into increased sales and commissions for you.

Because more than 80% of the items sold on eBay are new, the ability to differentiate among duplicate items has become increasingly important. For example, it would be helpful for buyers to know that multiple iPhone 6 listings are essentially selling the same product, so they can more easily find the item they want, at the best price.

Another way that this initiative should enable you to provide an improved buyer experience is that you’ll be able to deliver more pertinent and focused landing pages. This is possible because while a link that leads to an eBay listing page may expire, a link to an eBay product page could live in perpetuity. You’ll be better equipped to compare products across eBay and compared to other merchants, so you can provide your visitors with the most relevant items at the best prices.

This is a major evolution in the way that eBay handles data, and the ecommerce experience that we are able to provide. If you have any questions about this topic, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll continue to provide updates on new milestones in this endeavor.