The and Christmas Voucher Event has started! and have now launched their Voucher hubs, with more than 80 sellers offering discounts on their best products. Sellers such as Argos, DSG, Tesco, Ed Hardy, Dune, Office, Kookai and many more are taking part in this event in the UK; while in Germany, you can find savings on brands such as Redcoon, Medion, Speedo, Eastpak, Fila, Surf4Shoes, Triumph and many more. All these sellers have carefully selected the best items for Christmas to offer discounts on during this event. In order to benefit from this great opportunity to increase your Christmas sales by promoting these vouchers, just follow our simple instructions below!

How to promote the vouchers

You have two options: you can either redirect your traffic to the voucher hub where all the available vouchers are; or you can redirect your users to specific sellers.

To send your traffic to the voucher hub, use the following URLs in with the Link Generator tool:

If you wish to redirect your traffic to one or more specific seller, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the close to 80 voucher codes in this UK list or this DE list.
    Please note, these codes may be subject to change.

  2. Create your tracked link using the link generator
  3. Send the traffic to:

Please note that if you use the second option, you can have up to 3 different voucher codes in each URL.

Happy promoting! The eBay Partner Network Team

eBay Coupon Event with Great Holiday Gifts November 15th – 23rd!

We’re eager to keep the holiday shopping season going strong so we’ve extended the majority of coupons, dropped some and added a few. This time, 21 different sellers are participating with discounts of up to 35% on select items and great holiday gifts for everyone November 15th through November 23rd. Buyers are not limited to one-time use of these coupons during the event. You can find all of the offers listed below, in an Excel file and in a tab delimited txt file or at this landing page. Here are the participating sellers and their corresponding coupons:

Seller ID: JockeyStore Coupon Code: CJOCKEYSTORE35 Offer: 35% off Entire Store Seller ID: Go4Computers Coupon Code: CGO4COMPTR20 Offer: 20% off Select Items – Video Games Coupon Code: CGO4COMPTR5 Offer: 5% off Select Items – Electronics Seller ID: gmcmarket Coupon Code: CGMCMKT30 Offer: 30% off Select Items – Home & Garden Seller ID: pens_n_more Coupon Code: CPENSNMORE10 Offer: 10% off Select Items – Office Supplies Seller ID: BlackandDecker Coupon Code: CBLKDECKER20 Offer: 20% off Other – Home & Garden Seller ID: cametaauctions Coupon Code: CCAMETAMAP10 Offer: 10% off Select Items – Electronics Coupon Code: CCAMETAAUCT10 Offer: 10% off Select Items – Electronics Seller ID: fishwest Coupon Code: CFISHWEST15 Offer: 15% off Select Items – Sporting Goods Seller ID: Macmall Coupon Code: CMACMALL10 Offer: 10% off Select Items – Computers & Networking Seller ID: Kkmusicstore2 Coupon Code: CKKMUSIC20 Offer: 20% off Whole Store – Musical Instruments Seller ID: Hopmeup Coupon Code: C10HOPMEUP Offer: 10% off Select Items Seller ID: authenticwatches*com Coupon Code: CAUTHWATCH10 Offer: 10% off Select Items – Jewelry & Watches Seller ID: maxtoolsales Coupon Code: CMAXTOOL15 Offer: 15% off Select Items – Home & Garden Seller ID: vacuumwarehouse Coupon Code: CVACMWRHSE15 Offer: 15% off Select Items – Home & Garden Seller ID: gemstoneking Coupon Code: CGEMSTONE20 Offer: 20% off Select Items – Jewelry & Watches Seller ID: fragrancenet Coupon Code: CFRAGNET10 Offer: 10% off Whole Store – Health & Beauty (perfumes)

New coupons added Seller ID: beachcamera Coupon Code (NEW): CBEACHCAMTV10 Offer: 10% off TV’s Coupon Code (NEW): CBEACHKODAK10 Offer: 10% off select Kodak products Coupon Code (NEW): CBEACHPRNTR10 Offer: 10% off Printers Seller ID: BeachAudio Coupon Code: CBEACHAUDIO10 Offer: 10% off whole store Seller ID: Coupon Code: CJANDR10 Offer: 10% off whole store Seller ID: howardtechnology Coupon Code: CHOWRDTECH10 Offer: 10% off select items Seller ID: apparelsave Coupon Code: CAPPARLSV15 Offer: 15% off whole store Seller ID: vividgemz Coupon Code: CVIVIDGEMZ10 Offer: 10% off Select Items

PayPal payment is required to redeem the coupons. In order to create eBay Partner Network links that will track to your publisher account, please use the Link Generator Tool with the Custom URL or Seller ID options.

Happy Promoting! The eBay Partner Network Team

Shop eBay for the Holidays, Get $10 Back.

Bill Me Later Now eBay shoppers have a great new way to pay on eBay AND a great way to save.

Bill Me Later®, a PayPal Service, is an easy new way to pay on eBay that gives you more time to pay for the holidays. Now for a limited time, customers that check out with Bill Me Later will get a $10 credit on their first Bill Me Later purchase. Just choose Bill Me Later at checkout. Find out more here.

Note: Bill Me Later is subject to credit approval. Bill Me Later can be used for most purchases on eBay except in the following categories: non-US sellers, adult, digital goods, weapons, alcohol, currency and motors (Bill Me Later is available for parts and accessories).

The eBay Partner Network Team

No Payment Threshold for November 2010 Payment

Hello Partners, As we mentioned in our blog post from last year, we will be removing the minimum threshold again for this year’s November payment disbursement.

The payment disbursement from Wednesday, November 24, 2010 will have no minimum threshold. This means that as long as your eBay Partner Network account is in good standing, you will receive your outstanding balance paid in full, even if your balance due is less than 25 (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP or AUD).

Also, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States we will be paying one day earlier, on November 24th, and not as usual on the 25th of the month.

For the November 2011 disbursement we will remove the payment threshold again, allowing us to better serve you.

Note that as always, eBay Partner Network reserves the right to suspend payment temporarily if a Partner is placed under investigation for violation of our Code of Conduct or our Advertiser Terms and Conditions. In such a case, the Partner will be contacted.

Thank you for your support. The eBay Partner Network Team

Tips for Clicks in Fashion

Even the most fanatical of fashion enthusiasts love a great deal. But for most, it’s the thrill of finding that one item which makes them feel confidently chic, that ultimately drives a purchase. That’s where eBay comes in. With its ever-changing collection of clothing, shoes and accessories ranging from one-of-a-kind vintage steals to top-branded basics, eBay offers every shopper a place to find something that fits their personal style.

To drive high performance with eBay Fashion banners, entice your visitors not only with great deals, but with content that says your site is in-the-know about what’s trending and more importantly, how to find it on eBay.

Here’s how:

  • Surround eBay Fashion creative with relevant content about style tips and trends
  • Entice the reader to click-through
  • Lure them in with the promise of unique and unexpected fashion finds (i.e. high-quality, good brands, a special piece)

Select (or request) high quality photos of items that are in style or covetable, unique items (that ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t go here).

Five Fall Fashion Trends

  1. Faux fur: Whether it’s for staying warm or making a statement, everyone is sporting bits of fur this fall. Women are wearing fur on everything from fur-trimmed hoodies to full-on fur vests.
  2. Animal print: If you don’t get enough animal-inspired flair from faux fur, it won’t be hard to get your animal on another way with animal prints showing up on flats, belts, even trench coats. Pump up your everyday look with a pair of leopard print heels.
  3. 60’s: AMC’s show, Mad Men, not only spurred a flurry of NetFlix rentals, but also launched a round of 60’s inspired dresses. Pencil skirts with tailored, cropped jackets and round full skirts nipped at the waist bring back a sweet femininity that contrasts with the simultaneous emergence of men’s inspired styles.
  4. Menswear: Speaking of menswear, there’s a whole new crop of women’s wear inspired by men’s wardrobes: Collared button-downs and lace-up Oxfords are huge this fall.
  5. Military: You’ll find structured jackets, buttons and buckles in military neutrals all over stores in designer and mass brand corners. Discover great vintage finds for this look as well.

How to Promote eBay Fashion

There are a variety of ways to boost your revenue by promoting Fall’s hottest fashions on eBay:

  • Search by Clothing, Shoes & Accessories in the “Category” drop-down menu in the Creatives Generator and select from a variety of static and dynamic banners.
  • Use the Link Generator Tool with the Custom URL or Item ID options to link directly to fashion items.
  • Utilize the Fashion Data Feed in the Tools section of your Dashboard. If you do not have access to our data feeds, send an e-mail to with a request.

To keeping the world fashion forward, The eBay Partner Network Team and Coupon Events from 16th November to 26th December!

Following the success of the recent Coupon Event in the US, and have also decided to warm up the holiday shopping season with an exclusive seller coupon event! Approximately 80 different sellers are participating, offering up to 15% savings off selected items between November 16th and December 26th. Sellers such as Argos, DSG, Tesco, Ed Hardy, Dune, Office, Kookai and many more will be taking part in this coupon event in the UK; while in Germany, you can find savings on brands such as Redcoon, Medion, Speedo, Eastpak, Fila, Surf4Shoes, Triumph and many more. All these sellers have carefully selected the best items for Christmas to offer discounts on during this event.

You can benefit from these exceptional offers, generate more sales and increase your earnings this Christmas by promoting these discounted products on your site. Watch out for more information on the blog in the following days, where we will be publishing all the necessary codes to help you promote this event.

Happy Promoting! The eBay Partner Network Team


50520_HOLIDAYGroupGiftsEMAIL_INCLUDE eBay’s making it easier than ever to stretch your budget and spread the joy this holiday season. With eBay Group Gifts (Beta) your friends and family can “chip-in” on the perfect gift for someone in your circle. To set up a Group Gift, all you need is an eBay and PayPal account–anyone with a credit card can then chip in! You can even use your Facebook friends list to make it easy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to eBay Group Gift (Beta) and specify your recipient and the gifting occasion—or upload and choose a recipient from your Facebook friends list.
  • Find the perfect Fixed Price item—you can search, browse, get customized suggestions based on info gathered from your recipient’s Facebook profile, or select an item from one of your eBay lists.
  • Decide how much you’ll contribute and share your PayPal email address so your friends know where to send their contributions.
  • Write a personal message for your friend—this will be included in a group e-card that all contributors can add messages to.
  • Spread the word via email, Facebook or Twitter or a shareable url.

Try it out today and let us know what you think. To share your suggestions on this new eBay feature, simply click the “Feedback” link on the left side of any page in the eBay Group Gift flow.

eBay Group Gift

The eBay Partner Network Team

Holiday 2010 - Top Selling Products to Promote on eBay

Online holiday shopping tends to ramp up as autumn hits, peaking during Cyber Monday and staying steady through the end of December. By prepping your content and links now, you can catch the attention of holiday shoppers and avoid scrambling to form a strategy when the holidays hit. As the holidays approach, keep up with trade publications and trend-spotting websites to capitalize on the must-have items of 2010. Though it may be too early to predict the specific items that will be hot this year, there are several categories that tend to be mainstays for holiday shoppers.

Top 300 Holiday Items We have compiled a list of the most popular gift items this holiday season to make it even easier for you to promote the top converting items in 2010! Here are both an Excel file and a tab delimited text file of these top holiday gift ideas.

Décor & collectibles eBay has become the online destination for holiday decorations, accessories and collectibles. From Christmas trees to Hanukkah menorahs, shoppers know these items can be found for an affordable price on the site. Collectors scour eBay year-round for collectibles from manufacturers of classic holiday items, including Department 56 villages, Hummel figurines and Hallmark ornaments. Gizmos and gadgets Our electronics category is a top destination for holiday gift seekers. GPS navigation systems, cell phones, laptops and other devices that make the recipient’s life a little easier are always big hits. Items such as mp3 players, video games and systems, and Blu-ray players tend to show up under the tree of boys and girls on Santa’s “Nice” list. Toys for Tots Savvy shoppers know it’s much easier to find the hot toys of 2010 on eBay rather than fruitlessly fighting through crowds at 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. Action figures, Disney character items and board games remain popular searches year after year, and parents know eBay is the go-to site for both the classic toys and latest fads that junior can’t live without.

To promote these hot holiday items, use the Link Generator Tool with the Custom URL or item ID options.

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, be sure to check out eBay Pulse to get insight into the most sought after items on the site, as organized by category. If you haven’t started strategizing yet, now is the time to start thinking about how you’ll take advantage of the holiday shopping rush so you’re not left out in the cold!

The eBay Partner Network Team

November and December 2010 Holiday Bonus Opportunity Now Includes the US and Canada

We’re excited to announce that the November and December 2010 Holiday Bonus Opportunity is now open for the US and Canada programs as well. This promotion is available for all publishers on Quality Click Pricing who generated earnings in August 2010. More details about this promotion are available in the previous post below.
To a terrific holiday shopping season,
The eBay Partner Network Team

Earn a bonus of up to 50% on your European campaigns in November and December 2010

eBay Partner Network is offering you the chance to earn even more from your European campaigns during this year's holiday shopping season with a Holiday promotion in November and December 2010. The promotion includes all European Programs (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and The Netherlands). This promotion is available for all publishers on Quality Click Pricing who generated earnings in August 2010.

How does the Promotion work?

If you increase your earnings during the months of the promotion by at least 20% compared to your earnings in August 2010, you will be eligible for a bonus on your total earnings for that month. These bonuses will be tiered as follows:

Earnings Increase compared to August 2010

20% - 34.99%  -  Earn a 10% bonus

35 - 49.99%  -  Earn a 30% bonus

Greater than 50%  -  Earn a 50% bonus

Bonuses will be calculated per Program and Account, as per the example below:

Program             August Earnings                Nov. Earnings      % Increase             Bonus %/ Nov. Payment

Germany            2,000                                    2,500                        25%                        10% / 2,750

France                1,000                                    2,000                        100%                      50% / 3,000

Please note that bonuses will be calculated separately for November and December, and paid together with the rest of your earnings for that month. For example, if your November 2010 earnings are 25% higher than your August earnings, you will earn a 10% bonus on your November earnings. If your December earnings are then only 10% higher than your August earnings, you would not receive a bonus for December.

With this promotion, there's even more opportunity for you to benefit from the peak holiday shopping season this year with eBay Partner Network!

The eBay Partner Network Team