ePN TV: The Scoop on eBay Giving Works

On this episode of ePN TV, Ivka Adam is chatting with Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Director of Corporate Citizenship, about eBay Giving Works and how it’s making a positive difference to thousands of non-profit organizations.

“eBay Giving Works is our cause marketing program on eBay that connects buyers and sellers to causes that they care about through everyday transactions on the site,” says Skeeters-Behrens. “We have about 25,000 non-profits in our database, and if a seller’s cause that they want to support isn’t there we can add it to our database.”

Remember, these listings can be promoted by publishers the same way they’d promote any other listing - so there’s no reason not to do some good while you’re earning revenue as an affiliate! Currently eBay Giving Works is available in the US, UK and Canada with plans to expand to other countries in the future.

Editor’s Note: This segment was shot in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hence Amy’s reference to it in the episode.

Questions about eBay Giving Works? Feel free to leave your question or comment below.

Hot for the Holidays

Your local soft rock radio station has already switched over to 24/7 Christmas carols, so you know what that means: it’s time to prepare for the holiday shopping frenzy.

This weekend marks the unofficial start to the shopping season. While Black Friday started with brick-and-mortar shops, online retailers and affiliate partners can also benefit from Cyber Monday and even the upcoming Mobile Sunday. And since eBay offers something for everyone, you’ll be able to help prevent a gift-giving meltdown by leading your visitors to an easy one-stop-shop filled with the must-have items that top everyone’s lists.

The One Whose Closet is the Size of a NYC Apartment

eBay is a great source for fashion scores, from unique vintage pieces to designer finds to new items from sellers around the world. Don’t know and don’t want to guess the recipient’s size? Shop safely by searching for fashionable accessories like shoes, jewelry or handbags. The Fashion Outlet helps stretch holiday budgets by offering clothing that’s 20 to 60 percent off retail prices.

The One Who Likes Anything that Moves or Makes Noise

Tech gadgets are in high demand again this season, with tablets and e-readers like iPads and Kindle Fires topping wish lists. Xbox Kinect consoles and games remain hot with kids of all ages, while digital cameras like the popular Canon EOS Rebel will help preserve the memory of Granny joining in for a round of Dance Central. Our Daily Deals offer great values in all categories, with some particularly enticing pricing on electronic gadgets.

The One Who is Impossible to Shop For

Start with a visit to the eBay Gift Guide for inspiration, which allows shoppers to search for ideas by recipient, interest, budget, top deals, bestsellers and more. If that fails to spark any ideas, the eBay Gift Card Mall is a handy solution that allows picky and indecisive recipients to choose their own present from a variety of shops, from Subway to Sephora.

As a way to thank you for sending shoppers our way, we’re thanking affiliates with the holiday bonus promotion. And be sure to log into the Publisher Portal for tools to help you promote this holiday season, including banners for fashion, electronics, sporting goods, Fashion Outlet and Daily Deals. All banners (aside from Fashion Outlet) can be found under the seasonal category.

Happy promoting from the eBay Partner Network Team!

ePN TV: Registering Your Domains

In the past we’ve asked our publishers to register their domains, but we’ve heard from a few of you that there was some confusion around the process and why it is so important. So, we thought it would be helpful to have Julia Barrett, Head of eBay Partner Network North America, explain the process in more detail with some helpful screenshots.

To recap:

  1. Register your domains in the Publisher Portal
  2. Click on the “Referrers” Tab (previously called the “Domains” tab).
  3. Be sure you’ve associated a category and a business model for each domain. You don’t need to validate each domain, only register them.
  4. Once you complete these steps, you’ll be able to see your tracked mobile traffic broken out in your reporting as mobile or classic.

We urge all of you to follow these instructions and register your domains with us as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll get you an answer as soon as we can.

Julia Barrett Speaking at PubCon

Fresh off her attendance at SEMA Las Vegas and BlogWorld Los Angeles last week, Julia heads back to Las Vegas tomorrow for PubCon. In addition to walking the floor, Julia will be available for impromptu meetings. If you’re interested in chatting (ask her to tell her goat head story), leave a comment below with your name and email and we’ll make sure she gets it.

Additionally, Julia will be participating in two sessions at PubCon:

“Emerging Media and Technologies: Social Media and Affiliates” on November 9th at 11:30 AM in Salon E:

This panel will look at media, social media, and technologies that are just coming into focus. For the affiliate space, it will cover how emerging technology will lead to more advanced affiliate marketing products ranging from widgets and page peel creatives to advanced affiliate reporting and smart phone applications. Attendees will walk away from this session with a better understanding of how new technology and products will impact the future of social media and the affiliate industry.

“Monetizing and Optimizing your Blog” on November 10th at 11:30 AM in Salon G:

Generating revenue with your blog and acquiring targeted readers from your blog. It is one thing to build a following, but what can you do with that following once you have it?

See you in Las Vegas!

ePN TV: Carrie Smith Walks Through the Daily Deals Holiday Calendar

One of my favorite things about ePN TV is that we get to interview different folks at eBay to get a sense of what they’re working on in their little corner of the eBay Universe. Not only is it fun to look beyond the walls of ePN, but it also provides a behind the scenes glimpse for publishers to better understand the many facets of the larger eBay organization. Pretty cool, right?

This week, Julia Barrett, ePN’s Head of North America is chatting with Carrie Smith, the Daily Deals Ninja! Carrie was kind enough to update us on some of the fun deals being rolled out this Holiday season.

To commemorate a milestone – the 3rd birthday of the Daily Deals Program - the team released the Xbox Gold Card at an astonishingly low price. If you’re a gamer, you know you can’t find this price anywhere.

Carrie also let us know about some other exciting events on the calendar through the end of the year:

  • eBay Daily Deals Daily Sweepstakes:  11/1–12/16 - Prizes include an iPad, xbox 360 bundle, Nikon COOLPIX S9100, Nintendo 3DS and $500 gift cards. Users must enter daily for a chance to win.
  • Guaranteed Arrival: 12/15–12/19 - Certain sellers will guarantee arrival by the holidays if products are purchased within a certain time frame.
  • 25 Days of Deals: The Deals Team will be promoting two deals per day!
  • Black Friday Week: 11/21-11/23 – Two deals per day throughout the week
  • Pre-Cyber Monday Week: 11/26-11/27 – Two deals per day throughout the week
  • Black Friday: 11/25 – Five deals throughout the day
  • Cyber Monday: 11/28 – Five deals throughout the day
  • Cyber Monday Week: – Two deals per day throughout the week

As you can see, there’s a lot going on through the rest of the Holiday shopping season. As a publisher this would be a great time to road-test Daily Deals on your site. You can grab creative within the Publisher Portal.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below and we’ll be sure to get you answers right from the source.

See You at BlogWorld Los Angeles!

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to head south this week for BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles! The eBay Partner Network Team will be onsite from November 2nd until the 5th to meet, mingle, network and generally participate in typical conference shenanigans. We hope we get a chance to catch up with our existing partners and meet new ones!

Don’t forget to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall on Friday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM. We’ll be at booth #417. Come meet the team and hear about what’s new and exciting at ePN!

Additionally, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Friday from 4:00 – 5:00 PM (Room 150 B). Our own Julia Barrett, Head of ePN North America, will be presenting a session called “Capitalizing on Mobile Trends to Monetize Your Blog”:

What are you doing to reach your readers on the world’s fastest growing and most interactive medium? In this session, you’ll learn how you can ensure that your website or blog is optimized for mobile viewers – not just from a visual perspective, but also from a relevance, traffic quality and monetization perspective. From the latest developments and trends to monetization tools and strategies, we’ll explore what’s new in the world of mobile and how you can take advantage of it.

Finally, we want to thank all of you that entered our BlogWorld LA contest last week. We realize it was short notice and that unless you already live in Southern California, it would have been nearly impossible to get a flight and hotel room and attend. Next time we’ll give you plenty of notice so that it is more applicable to entries from all over the U.S.. That said we’d like to congratulate our local winner, Jack! He’ll be hanging out with the ePN team for three fun-filled days in Los Angeles.

During the event, I’ll be Tweeting and doing blog updates on the types of trends and topics I’m seeing. If you’re attending the event, please sure to leave a comment so we can get in touch and say hello!

Welcome to ePN TV

Many of you are probably familiar with our “Chatting with ePN” video series. We’ve been doing it since May of 2010 and have produced more than 40 segments to date. This week we’re announcing some changes to the series.

First, we’ve gone with the simpler more fitting name: eBay Partner Network TV or ePN TV for short. We wanted the show to be about more than formal conversations that take place on the eBay campus. Though we’ll continue to include those great talks, we wanted to broaden the scope to also include conference coverage, industry trends, product demos, Publisher Stories, news and more informal updates.

Second, to highlight the broader feel and convey a sense of creating inspired content from anywhere, we re-did the show opening to include a more scrapbook feel. Sometimes freshening up the graphics and changing the music makes all the difference in re-energizing a production. We hope you’ll dig it.

Finally, we’ve done something that some of you have been asking for since we started: bloopers. Every time we shoot a season of the show there are inevitably funny moments that you never get to see. Well, no more. At the end of every segment we’re going to try and include a blooper from that episode’s taping. We actually have pretty good senses of humor here at ePN and we hope that comes out in some of these outtakes.

We’ll debut the first episode of the latest season tomorrow. It’s a short video of Julia Barrett, ePN’s Head of North America, talking about some inspired ways to get prepped for the Holiday Season. We hope you’ll tune in and let us know what you think.

Happy Holidays: 2011 Holiday Promotion

Back by popular demand, the eBay Partner Network is once again offering you the chance to earn more from your U.S. campaigns during this holiday shopping season!

How does the Holiday Promotion work?

Increase your QCP-based earnings by at least 20% during each month of the holiday promotion (as compared to your earnings in August 2011*) and you will be eligible for a bonus in addition to your total earnings for the given month. Bonuses will be calculated based upon performance, in a tiered fashion.


  • November: November 1st – November 30th
  • December: December 1st – December 31st

Bonus Tiers

  • 20% – 34.99% = 10% bonus
  • 35% – 49.99 = 15% bonus
  • 50%+ = 20% bonus

Bonuses will be calculated separately for the months of November and December, paid with your total earnings for the given month. For example, if your November earnings are 25% higher than your August earnings, you will earn a 10% bonus on your November earnings. If your December earnings are then less than 20% higher than your August earnings, you will not receive a bonus for the month of December.

Good luck this holiday season!

*Note, this holiday promotion is only available to U.S. publishers who have generated earnings through the U.S. Quality Click Pricing program during the month of August 2011

European Campaigns Offering Bonus of up to 30% During Holidays

Following last year’s success, eBay Partner Network is offering you the chance to earn more from your European campaigns during this year’s Christmas shopping season with a promotion in November and December 2011.

The promotion includes all European programs (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands) and is only available for publishers who generated earnings via the Quality Click Pricing programme in August 2011.

How does the Christmas Promotion work?

If you increase your earnings during the months of the promotion by at least 20% compared to your earnings in August 2011, you will be eligible for a bonus on your total earnings for that month. These bonuses will be tiered as follows:

Earnings Increase in November and December compared to August 2011

20% – 34.99%  -  Earn a 10% bonus

35% – 49.99%  -  Earn a 15% bonus

Greater than 50%  -  Earn a 30% bonus

Bonuses will be calculated per program per account, as shown in the example below:


August Earnings November Earnings Percentage Increase Bonus Percentage November Payment
Germany €2,000 €2,500 25% 10% €2,750
France €1,000 €1,500 50% 30% €1,950

Please note that bonuses will be calculated separately for November and December, and paid together with the rest of your earnings for that month. For example, if your November 2011 earnings are 25% higher than your August earnings, you will earn a 10% bonus on your November earnings. If your December earnings are then less than 20% higher than your August earnings, you would not receive a bonus for December.

With this promotion, there’s even more opportunity for you to benefit from the peak shopping season this year with eBay Partner Network.

We would like to wish you a nice and successful pre-Christmas season.

Be Our Guest at BlogWorld LA

In a couple of weeks the eBay Partner Network Team will be packing our bags and heading to LA to attend BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles. The conference runs from November 3rd-5th and we’d like to invite one of you the chance to be our guest for the festivities! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to attend the conference – the more original your answer, the better.

We will pick a winning comment at 9:00 AM PT on October 28th.  The winner will receive free registration to the conference allowing them to attend sessions, keynote speeches and hang out in the exhibit hall - courtesy of your friends at eBay Partner Network.

This year’s event is shaping up to be pretty amazing with speakers including; Kevin Pollak, Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki as well as executives from Technorati, Radian6, BlogHer, Edelman Digital and Domino’s Pizza. In addition, there will be hundreds of exhibitors (including ePN at Booth #417) and industry experts available to chat with you about your business.

When leaving your entry in the comments, make sure you use your real name and an email address we can use to get in touch if you win. We look forward to reading your comments and hanging out with one of you in LA!