Cash in on the World’s Largest Retail Day


Most shoppers are anxiously awaiting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but they can actually get in on some major deals and savings now! Today is the world’s largest one-day online shopping spree – Chinese Singles’ Day. Annually celebrated on November 11, Chinese Singles’ Day was started as an anti-Valentine’s day holiday and has turned into a great excuse to shop for millions of consumers. eBay is offering tons of deals in celebration of singlehood along with free shipping! This is a great opportunity for partners to capitalize on the largest retail day of the year. Direct your visitors to, where they’ll find deep discounts on fashion, electronics, toys and gift cards. Your customers can save up to 80% on popular brands including Apple, HP, LG, Nikon, Steve Madden, Tumi and more!

You’ll want to hurry because these deals will end on November 13. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

EPN TV: Updates to the New Mobile Experience for iOS 9 Users


Last month, we introduced an enhanced mobile visitor experience to help you boost mobile conversions. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded this mobile experience to include homepage and search results pages, in addition to view item pages, for visitors using iOS 9. Now, mobile visitors using iOS 9 who click through to the eBay homepage, search results page or a view item listing page and already have the eBay app installed will automatically be directed to view that page in the app.

Visitors using other mobile operating systems will receive this experience for item listing pages only, with plans to add this functionality for Android users coming in the future. Visitors who don’t have the app installed will receive the mobile web experience, with no prompt to download the app.

Remember that you can view clicks, transactions, and conversion rates for desktop, mobile app and mobile web traffic in the Mobile Landing Page Report, accessible from the Reports tab under “Mobile” in the Publisher Portal.

Due to iOS limitations, the opt out instructions previously provided will not work for visitors using iOS 9. However, we’ve seen an increase in conversion rates with this new mobile flow, and hope that you are excited about providing this improved experience.

If you have any questions or feedback on this new mobile visitor experience, let us know in the comments below.

Come See Us at Performance Marketing Insights London!


Performance Marketing Insights, the industry’s leading conference in London, will be in full effect on October 29 and 30. If you’re attending, eBay Partner Network will be on-site and we’d love to meet you! Come by our stand (#39) to meet and network with the ePN team. This is a great chance for anyone interested in joining ePN as well as current partners to learn more about our network. In addition, if you’re looking to learn more about mobile browsing and purchasing, be sure to attend ePN UK Manager Chris Worthy’s presentation. Chris’s session on Day 1 (9:25 AM to 9:45 AM) will cover developments and opportunities in mobile within affiliate marketing as well as how ePN fits in the mix.

We look forward to seeing you! Details below:

Dates: October 29th and 30th

Location: Westminster Park Plaza, London – Stand #39

Come Meet Us at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!


Are you making your way to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show next week? If so, members of the eBay Partner Network team will be on-site on November 3 and 4, and we would love to meet you! We’ll be at the eBay Motors booth located in Upper South Hall (Booth #30219). This is a great opportunity for both current partners and those interested in joining ePN to learn more about the program. We encourage you to stop by and chat directly with the ePN team about everything from getting starting to promotions and tools to increasing success with ePN.

Below are all the details. We look forward to meeting you!

Dates: November 3 and 4, 2015

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Upper South Hall - eBay Motors Booth #30219

Take Your Pick of Streaming Media Devices


Do you know anyone still flipping through basic television channels and sorting through piles of DVDs for something to watch? Well, it’s time to upgrade to a digital media streamer! Media streamers make it simpler than ever to stream entertainment from services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Netflix and Pandora straight to your TV. eBay offers the largest selection of these devices, and with more than 500 types of streamers from top brands including Chromecast, Apple, Roku and more, shoppers can find their digital device of choice on eBay.

Help your site’s visitors unwind with their favorite shows, movies, music and games from the comfort of their own living room by promoting this unparalleled selection. With one of the many new, used or refurbished media streaming devices available on eBay, catching up on guilty pleasures and jamming out is as simple as pressing play!

Improved Mobile Experience with eBay Partner Network is Now Live


The enhanced mobile visitor experience is now live globally! This new experience was developed to help you boost conversion rates for your mobile visitors. Mobile visitors who click through to an item listing page and already have the eBay app installed are now automatically directed to view the listing in the app. Visitors who don’t have the app installed receive the mobile web experience, with no prompt to download the app.

Your mobile traffic can be viewed in the Mobile Landing Page Report, which is now live and can be accessed on the Reports tab under “Mobile” in the ePN Portal. This report provides a breakdown of clicks, transactions, and conversion rates for desktop, mobile app and mobile web traffic across all programs. You will also notice an improved, more modern interface. Consider this a sneak peek into the future of ePN, as we work to create better tools and experiences for our publishers.

Please note: we are working to provide iOS9 support in the near future. If for some reason you’d like to opt out of continuing to offer this improved experience, you can do this by following the instructions below. However, we strongly recommend that you do not opt out, as testing has shown improved conversion rates, which of course will help you increase your earnings!

To opt out of the enhanced mobile experience:

Add the parameter &ul_noapp=true to the View Item URL, or MPRE, but not the rover link. The sequence in which the parameter is added does not matter; it should just be added and encoded as part of the View Item URL.

So, for example:

A sample View Item URL is:

Whereas a sample rover link pointing to this item might look like:

You’ll append the View Item URL with the &ul_noapp=true opt out parameter, so it would look like this:

The rover version of this would look like:

If you have any questions, please reach out to ePN Customer Support at

Industry and Partner Content Roundup: October 15


What’s happening with our partners and friends in the industry? Read our monthly roundup of news, tips and trends to find out! PerformanceIN: Affiliate Marketing is the Most Demanded Skill Among Digital Marketers

Affiliate marketing topped SEM, PPC and mobile marketing as the skill that digital marketers would most like to sharpen, according to a report from Smart Insights. PerformanceIN takes a look at the categories included, as well as what’s pushing affiliate marketing to the top of the list.

Talk Sport News: Sports Memorabilia Guide and What Drives the Prices

As many of our partners know, sports collectibles can be both a great hobby and an investment. ePN affiliate Talk Sport News dives into some of the factors that influence the value of sports memorabilia, with a focus on the motivations behind fan demand.

Viglink: Consumer Holiday Trends Infographic

ePN partner Viglink created an infographic to provide an overview on holiday shopping behavior, based on what they’ve observed in 2014 and 2015 thus far. Check out their blog post for data and stats on top advertisers, brands, products and more to help boost your holiday promoting.

Shane Dolby: How to Convince Yourself to Exercise Prior to Work

Making time to work out is tough, whether you work in an office or from home. ePN partner Shane Dolby provides tips for motivating yourself to get your fitness in as the sun rises, so you can avoid end-of-the-day burnout and excuses.

Affiliate Summit: Introducing the Speaker Faculty for Affiliate Summit West 2016

The speaker lineup for Affiliate Summit West, taking place January 10-12 in Las Vegas, has been announced. Check out the list of keynote presentations, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions happening during this annual industry conference, including a presentation by ePN Global Director John Toskey.

Do you have something you’d like to see here? Share a link in the comments, and we’ll review your timely and relevant content for inclusion in an upcoming roundup.

Important Notice for Publishers in the German Program


Please see below for information on an upcoming eBay Partner Network (ePN) requirement for publishers who advertise in Germany. What is the Requirement?

Many publishers in Germany are already familiar with German base price (“Grundpreis”) rules associated with the German law “Preisangabenverordnung“. One of the law’s requirements is that certain items, when advertised with a price by a professional dealer towards a consumer, must also express the price per relevant unit (e.g., price per milliliter, gram, etc.). The law applies to products sold prepackaged, in open packages, or without wrapping, by weight, volume, length or area (e.g., chocolate, motor oil, sewing thread, perfume, etc.). For more information on this law, please see the following page from eBay’s German site:

Who Is Affected?

All advertisers and publishers in Germany must comply with this law. eBay sellers today provide unit price information when listing items on eBay’s German site and, beginning November 15, 2015, ePN will require all publishers who advertise items on eBay’s German site to comply.

What Do Publishers Need to Do?

As noted above, all publishers who advertise items on eBay’s German site need to display unit price where applicable. The compliance steps involved differ depending on which tools a publisher uses.

  • Unit Price information is already available through eBay’s Finding API (UnitPriceInfo), so publishers who use this API are already able to comply
  • For publishers who use ePN’s feeds, ePN is making a change to ensure that we pull unit price information from our Finding API into our feeds. eBay uses the UnitType and UnitQuantity values and the item’s listed price to calculate and display per-unit pricing. For publishers who already ingest our feeds, you will need to reconfigure to ingest the new UnitPrice field for display on your site where prices are advertised.
  • Publishers who use other ePN tools (e.g., Creatives Generator, Link Generator, etc.) but who manually add price information to ads will need to ensure compliance as well.

When Is the Change to ePN Feeds Taking Place?

The changes to ePN feeds described above will be completed by October 19th. ePN publishers will need to comply by November 15, 2015. After November 15, ePN may take action against individual publishers who are out of compliance.

Please write to ePN Customer Support at if you have any questions on this.

ePN TV: John Toskey Talks eBay Deals


In this episode of ePN TV, John Toskey talks about eBay Deals and the huge opportunity they create for publishers. Promoting eBay Deals is a great way to grab the attention of new and reactivated buyers, which in turn will help you increase your earnings. eBay Deals are updated daily across all categories. Not only do they include free shipping, but the prices are often better than what you’d be able to find anywhere else. John cites one of his recent Deals purchases, where he was able to get a pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylors for under $30, delivered to his door within two days with free shipping.

If you’re interested in promoting eBay Deals, visit the Promotions and Sales Portal to easily create affiliate links based on current Deals. Other ways to stay on top of Deals include receiving the Deals RSS feed, as well as making sure you’ve opted in to receive email marketing notifications. Lastly, be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to this blog for updates.

Happy Birthday, eBay!


eBay has spent the past two decades growing a community that creates opportunities for buyers, sellers and partners across the globe. This month, eBay celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we wanted to take this opportunity to look at some of the highlights over the years: 1995: Founder Pierre Omidyar makes eBay’s first sale: a broken laser pointer, which sells to a collector for $14.83.

1997: $500 million worth of Beanie Babies are sold on eBay, representing more than 6% of eBay’s total volume.

1999: eBay launches sites in Germany, Australia and the UK. Today, eBay is available in 180 countries.

2000: eBay Motors is launched, is acquired, Buy It Now is introduced, and the API is made available to developers. Busy year!

2001: eBay Partner Network launches.

2006: A Frank Mulder designed gigayacht becomes the most expensive item ever sold on eBay, selling for $168 million.

2008: ePN becomes an in-house affiliate program, and eBay is one of the first companies to launch an iPhone app.

2009: The Deals app is launched to highlight money-saving daily deals.

2010: The original Hollywood sign sells for $450,000 on eBay.

2012: eBay launches a Global Shipping Program, helping U.S. sellers grow their businesses with easier international shipping.

2014: eBay joins forces with Sotheby’s to offer mid-priced works of art in a virtual live-auction format.

From its origins with a single seller with one product for sale, eBay has since evolved into the experience you know today, fueled by 25 million sellers, 157 million buyers and more than 800 million products.

Whether you’ve been working with us for decades or days, we wanted to thank you for your partnership. You are a contributor to our success, and we’re excited to see what opportunities the next 20 years bring!

For more eBay stories, milestones and fun facts, visit