We’re happy to provide you with the latest logos and an assortment of banners to use as creatives on your site when promoting eBay.

ebay round.png

The eBay logo is iconic. Originally designed to inspire a sense of community, our logo evolved as the company evolved. First to display a cleaner look that was evocative of a more contemporary and consistent shopping experience. Then, with the launch of the new brand strategy ‘helping people find their version of perfect’ our logo expanded beyond the four colors to reflect the diversity of people and products on our platform. Our logo has and always will be a colorful signature that inspires the world.

On eBay US, a watch is purchased every 5 seconds, a tool is purchased every 4 seconds, a smartphone is purchased every 5 seconds, and a sports trading card is purchased every 2 seconds. We offer a wide variety of categories you can leverage for your audience. Click below to download banners specifically created for promoting that category on eBay.

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Create Your Link

You will also need to create a trackable link to go with the image. To do so, sign into your eBay Partner Network account and go to the Link Generator tool. From there, you can customize the link so when your user clicks on the image they are taken to where you’d like on the eBay site (the home page, an item page, search results, etc.). For more information on using Link Generator, see this Quick Start Guide.