Investigation Continues: Reporting Delays

Update from Dan:

The process to get reports caught up is going more slowly than we had anticipated.

Right now (11:30am Pacific time on May 8) we have not yet posted earnings for May 6. That is supposed to happen late tonight.

That means that earnings for May 7, which would normally post today, won’t post until May 9.

We don’t yet know the exact timeline for May 7, and how that will/won’t impact when May 8 posts. When we know more about that timeline, we’ll provide another update.

In Process: Reporting Delay Update

Reporting is back on track. Earnings are posted through April 29, and April 30 is scheduled to post as normal later on today. The TDR has data through posting date April 29, and the data in the TDR looks to be correct.

The only open issue is that impression data for April 28 is not currently in the reports. That is supposed to be recovered and updated by around Thursday morning US Pacific time.

Resolved: Performance Data

In mid-February, we released the correction for the transactions that were inaccurately adjusted from the January 23-28 period. As you'll recall, we had an issue where more transactions were adjusted than should have been during that period.

The way we pushed through the correction was to post the reversal of those incorrect adjustments on posting date February 8 in the Transaction Download Report (TDR). If you run your TDR and look at the Feb 8 posting date, you will see more adjustments (both positive and negative) than you would normally, and for event dates longer than 30 days before the posting date. 

The update doesn't apply to the reports you see in the "Run Reports" section in the EPN portal. We are looking to see if we're able to also update that report. Your payment for the month of February is based on the amount you see in the TDR, though, so you will be paid the correct amount when we pay that out in March.

If you have any questions, please write in to Customer Support.