Incrementality Testing via the Experimentation Platform (EP)

Experimentation Platform aka “EP”  is a technical framework that allows eBay to drop pixels and control ad exposure on publisher portals to run A/B tests

Experimentation Platform Benefits for Partners

Gateway to better rates, higher budgets:

  • Proven higher incrementality lays ground for additional budgets, rates (as SPFs, bonus, make goods for entire or specific parts of the portfolio)

Competitive advantage

  • Partners conducting tests get the highest confidence, others(look-alikes) get 40% lower value

Insights & growth

  • Tests to help discover growth pockets (mobile, verticals), measuring & rewarding improvements on partner side

Experimentation Platform Overview

  • Incrementality testing is an A/B test meant to prove how many transactions coming from a publisher would not have happened without that publisher linking to eBay (also called “incremental value”). We do this by showing the A group eBay links like normal while the B group sees no eBay links or images, and we monitor the difference. Many times we learn our partners are more valuable than we thought they were! The Experimentation Platform is an API that assists publishers in properly splitting their audience to be able to run a true A/B Incrementality Test.
  • Ideal for partners that want to do incrementality testing but don’t have the technical capabilities to properly randomize and track their audience.
  • Partner needs to be able to implement an impression pixel, ID and recognize users via a Cookie Drop or other method, build an API call, and suppress eBay links/content for given users.
  • Partners that do Incrementality tests have the highest confidence behind their numbers. Any similar publishers that haven’t done a test immediately get lower rates than their tested counterparts. Also, those with high incrementality and elasticity (ability to drive more sales with higher commissions) are top of mind for extra spend when budget becomes available.
  • One content publisher with 250 domains saw a Gross Merchandise Bought (GMB) lift in all but 16 of them from incrementality testing (see chart below)
Incrementality Testing.png


Email us or ask your Partner Manager for how to partner with us for testing on your site!