Congratulations! You’re here because we’d like to offer you a way to earn even more, with the 2017 eBay Fall Bonus Challenge!

How does it work? It’s simple. If you increase your total sales last month by XY% this month, you’ll receive XY% of this month’s earnings as a bonus.

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The best part: The 2017 eBay Fall Bonus Challenge is running for September and October of 2017. This means that your sales goal and bonus will grow with you, and the percentages mentioned above stay in reference to the most recent month’s performance.

Earn your bonus today:

  1. Feature listings that convert. Click here for some inspiration.

  2. Be relevant. Click here to see what’s trending.

  3. Leverage the eBay brand. Use the creatives available in this gallery.

  4. Save time with Smart Links. Read the Quick Start Guide now.

  5. Create your links as-you-browse with Bookmarklet. Watch this video to learn how.

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