June 2021 New Reporting Fields

In June, eBay Partner Network will have updated TDR and “Performance By” Reports.


On June 14th, a new field will be added to the Transaction Detail Report (TDR):


  • ‘Priority Listing’ field reflects whether a transaction involved a Priority Listing item
    • For further information, read more here.
    • For more information about the Transaction Detail Report and how to get it via API, please see our Help Center article here.


On June 24th, additional fields will also be added to the “Performance By” Reports:


    • ‘Items Ordered - Own Inventory’
    • ‘Items Ordered - eBay Plus’ 
    • ‘Items Ordered - Priority Listing’
    • ‘Action Earnings - Own Inventory’ 
    • ‘Action Earnings - eBay Plus’
    • ‘Action Earnings - Priority Listing’