March 2021 New reporting fields

On March 18, 2021, eBay Partner Network is adding new reporting fields that will provide additional insight about your completed transactions:


Own Inventory

This field indicates which items sold in your eBay seller account were sold through your ePN affiliate links. This will be particularly relevant for those of you who are active eBay sellers as well as affiliates.  Please note, your eBay seller account and ePN account must be tied to the same email address for this field to populate.



Displays 'true' if a transaction was non-commissionable. If this column shows ‘true’ there will also be a ‘Non-Commissionable Reason” given in a separate column. 


Non-Commissionable Reason

If the Non-Commissionable field displays 'true,' a reason will be shown in this field. Reasons include Own Purchase, Charity, or Deal.

• Own Purchase: This item was something you purchased using your own EPN link

• Charity: The item was sold by a charitable organization

• Deal: The item was purchased as part of a promotional deal


eBay Plus Item

Indicates whether the item purchased is part of the eBay Plus program (a popular eBay loyalty program in Australia and Germany).


The following report will be affected by adding these new fields:


• Transaction Detail Report


For more information about the Transaction Detail Report and how to get it via API, please see our Help Center article here.