If you want to optimize your site with a wide range of eBay offers or pull a large volume of listings for your promotional activity, we’ve got you covered. Our data feeds are a great fit for high-volume integrations, and many partners use these solutions to provide a highly customized experience for their audience.


Data Feeds


We enable our largest partners to download Data Feed files containing millions of live eBay listings. You can cache the eBay Data Feed data on your own system, to better scale high-volume applications such as deals sites, shopping and price comparison platforms, and large content portals.



Data Feeds Types


The eBay Partner Network is currently offering the following Data Feed types to eligible partners:

  • EPN Curated Feed - A selection of eBay’s most relevant offers, provided on a daily basis. Available for most regions.
  • EPN Product Based Feed - A comprehensive product-focused data feed, containing only a single offer per unique eBay catalog product, provided on a daily basis. Available only for selected regions.



Alternatively, approved partners can access the following Data Feed through the eBay Developer Program:


  • EDP Feed API - A comprehensive snapshot of most eBay offers from high-quality sellers, provided on a daily basis, but supports hourly changes. Available for most regions.
  • Get to learn the basics with help of EPN’s Feed API Playbook.


Explore the Data Feed Quick Start Guide