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Optimize Your Editorial Images with eBay's Shop The Look Technology

Show, not tell:  Deliver the products your audience wants with shoppable images powered by our visual artificial intelligence engine, Shop The Look.

By simply hovering over your pre-existing images (or a quick tap via mobile), your visitors can shop eBay listings that best match the products in the image, in real-time and without ever leaving your website.

 Sample Shop The Look eBay

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How Shop The Look Increases Your Conversion Rate

  1. Let us do the legwork: We'll create custom Shop The Look code just for you that can be implemented with a simple copy and paste. In 24 hours, it will begin identifying the images appearing on your website.
  2. Feature the best of eBay's 1 Billion listings: We'll determine which items in the image have closely matching products that are currently live in eBay's thriving global marketplace.
  3. Expedite product discovery: Shop The Look  generates an additional layer of small graphic indicators to show your visitors which items in the image currently have matching products that they can purchase right now on eBay.
  4. Offer a truly unique shopping experience: Activated by mouse hovers (or taps on mobile), the Shop The Look window will appear and present the user with eBay's best inventory including listing title, prices, and links to purchase the item on eBay.
  5. Maintain control of the user journey: Upon click-through, your traffic will be pointed to the new and improved view item landing pages. Additionally, the mobile journey is optimized with deep-linking to enable a seamless app experience should your users have the app installed on their mobile devices.

Email us or ask your Partner Manager to learn more or to integrate with Shop The Look today.