Shop The Look

Implementing Shop The Look enables you to monetize on your site pictures. Whether it's an image of a celebrity looking glam for a night out, summer's latest fashions, or what to wear for your first day at a new job, your picture engages and inspires--now you can monetize it!


Implementation Examples





Shop The Look Overview

  • Shop the Look is an innovative ad technology that makes beautiful images shoppable.  EPN is making the future a reality by making artificial intelligence an everyday part of our customers’ shopping experience.  Our smart Shop the Look technology turns any image into shoppable inspiration. The algorithm identifies items in the image and suggests similar products available to buy on eBay.
  • Ideal for partners that publish articles with beautiful images and are seeking to monetize these pages in a seamless, intuitive way that works together with the editorial content.
  • Applications for Shop the Look deployments are evaluated on a case by case basis.  Once approved for Shop the Look, we will ask you for a short list of pages where you would like the Shop the Look experience to appear.  We will create and share a snippet of js code to be added to your page.  After adding the code, the STL experience will display on your page within 48 hours.
  • Higher click volumes, CTRs, greater monetization of your site, and a refreshed, engaging new site experience.
  • See a Valentine’s Day example at

Email us or ask your Partner Manager for how to have Shop The Look integrated into your site!