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Shop The Look Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  When the publisher has a new page and implements the STL code, it can take 24 – 48 hours for the STL experience to show.  But is there a way to add the STL code to a page before the page is visible publicly, so that that 24 – 48 hours could take place in the background before the page is pushed out and to the user, it would look like the STL experience exists on the page from the very beginning?

A:  There’s an option to expedite this if the publisher sends us the final image URLs they are going to use on site, we will then tag them off-line. But it’s important the image URLs to be exactly the same ones they are going to use.


Q:  Do all STL implementations direct to i/page versions of STL pages?

A:  Yes, the individual “Similar Items” direct to i/pages.  The “Shop>” or “See All” links to a Search Results Page (SRP)  

Q:  Are there filters the partner can request in the item (e.g., price, shipping, etc.)?

A:  Not at this time.  In the future we plan to build a management system to cater to each publisher’s requests but this is currently not on the roadmap.


Q:  Does STL only direct to Buy it now items?

A:  The majority of items used in STL are Buy It Now items, although there are a small number of auction items.


Q:  Is the javascript code provided by the STL team specific to a particular domain?

A:  Yes, each javascript code is good for any page on that partner’s domain.  For example, if the publisher American Media receives code to put the STL experience on their page on this page:

That code is good for any page on


Q:  Do images need to have a minimum size to work with STL?

A:  Yes, an image must be at least 150 pixels per size to be tagged.


Q:  Should an image have 1 person vs. 2 vs. many to work optimally with STL?

A:  It doesn’t matter.


Q:  How clear do the items need to be?

A:  Although not advisable for customer experience, STL can work even in cases with poor resolution and small items.  For example, note the STL module at the bottom of this page:


Q:  Does it matter if the picture is bright or dark?

A:  Doesn’t matter


Q:  Does clothing work better than other categories (H&G, P&A, etc.) or any other guidance?

A:  Fashion and H&G work best (including photos showing rooms with many items, interior design images, etc.)  STL works well on car images. However, for practical and legal reasons, STL should not be used with P&A images.