Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Links

Does Smart Links work on mobile?

Yes! We even have an additional mobile optimization enhancement that augments your Smart Links on a mobile device with small but compelling ads.

These display naturally as your users consume your content and can be hidden from view if they prefer. Non-invasive, these intuitive ads rise out of the bottom of the screen when your user stops scrolling and disappear after your user scrolls again.

Where do I see my reports for clicks/earnings generated by Smart Links traffic?

You can use the standard reports that you find in the EPN portal. Smart Links has its own tool ID. To view the tool ID report, go to: and select report type ‘By Tool/Creative’.

After your report runs you will see a line item in the chart at the bottom of the page for ‘Smart Links’ and you can then review your impressions, clicks and other key metrics.

Will Smart Links affect my existing eBay affiliate links?

No. Smart Links does not impact existing EPN links. 

Will Smart Links affect non eBay links on my page?

No. Smart Links ignores all links not having to do with eBay.

Does Smart Links only work for new links to eBay or existing ones?

All eBay links on the page(s) you’ve enabled with Smart Links will be turned into EPN links, regardless of when you’ve added it to that page.

What eBay domains are supported by Smart Links?

All domains that are part of the EPN program are supported by Smart Links.

Does Smart Links work with sub-affiliate network links?

No, both tags cannot be used at the same time.

What does “Disabling Mobile Optimization” with Smart Links do?

Smart Links on mobile devices performs best with just the default code inserted into your header. We’re able to detect the size of the screen someone is using and if it’s a normal-to-large mobile device, we enhance the links by letting them expand out into small ad units featuring the product name and image, price, seller name and rating, the eBay logo and “Free Shipping” if applicable. This feature is sometimes called a “mobile popover” since that’s how it functions, by directing your users to either each link’s direct landing page, or to the eBay mobile app if they have it installed already. If you substitute the code to disable the feature, folks on mobile devices will only see your plain links. The enhanced links perform better in almost all instances.

If you’ve disabled the mobile ads feature and want it back, all you need to do is put in the code from