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Smart Placements’ personalized and customizable banner ads identify your visitors as they enter your site and update the items displayed to match each individual’s browsing history. With the same retargeting signals that eBay uses in other marketing channels, you can rest easy as your online real estate automatically re-optimizes with each and every new page viewer.


Amplify Your Earnings


The eBay Advantage

New season, last season, next season - each banner is fueled by the 1+ billion listings in eBay’s uniquely diverse marketplace.

Accelerate Earnings

Dynamic banners match eBay listings to either your chosen keywords or your visitors’ individual web activity to improve conversion and amplify earnings.

Immediate Expertise

From Day 1, be an affiliate expert – Smart Placements uses robust data, and sophisticated machine learning technology to display the perfect ad for each visitor.

More Free Time

Cross any testing, maintenance and similarly tedious tasks off of your to-do list with this tool’s continuous optimization. Simply set the ad, and get back to pursuing your passions.


Designed For You


Personalized Retargeting

Smart Placements enables you to identify visitors who have been to eBay and precisely display the best listings for that individual. Simply select auto-optimize and prepare to earn.

Configuration Hub

Create and save banner configurations in the hub, place dynamic code on one page or across your entire site, and make all edits including keyword override from this simple interface.

Intuitive Creative

The interface is clean, simple and intuitive. It is easy to create, save, edit, and track Placement configurations. Use our advanced keyword search and customizable creative settings to make each banner exactly how you want it.

Customizable Design

Use our advanced search features with the terms or phrases you choose, 3 different banner sizes, 14 different colors and a variety of fonts to seamlessly integrate with your look and feel.