Thank you for participating in the eBay Partner Network Smart Placements Pilot! We appreciate you taking the time to be an early adopter and we welcome your feedback. This pilot currently supports just ebay.com and is in English only.

Please email us at dl-ebay-epn-feedback@ebay.com with questions or feedback about the pilot.

Benefits of Smart Placements

Smart Placements help your audience discover highly relevant eBay content. Simply add a few lines of EPN provided javascript to your web properties and assign a keyword. EPN will then deliver a personalized recommendations ad unit integrated with your customer experience.

Shape Your Customer's Experience

We currently provide three unique sizes during the pilot program.


Getting Started

1. Determine where in your page you’d like to add a Smart Placement

During this initial period we offer three different placement sizes to choose from - 900x220, 300x250 and 300x750. You’ll need to allocate the space on your page and label it with a unique HTML ID using a standard <INS> HTML tag.


2. Add your Smart Placements code snippet

Add the following code snippet and fill out the required and optional parameters.

Add this to your <head> tag and set a default campaign ID:

<script async src="https://epnt.ebay.com/static/epn-smart-tools.js"></script><script>window._epn={campaign:YOUR-CAMPAIGN-ID-HERE};</script>

Add this to your <body> tag where you want the placement to appear:

<ins class="epn-placement" id="YOUR-UNIQUE-INS-ID-HERE" data-epn-query="nike shoe" data-epn-layout="900x220"></ins>

If you’d like to have an additional placement on the same page please specify a separate INS identifier where you’d like the placement to render on your page :

<INS class="epn-placement" id="YOUR-UNIQUE-INS-ID-2-HERE" data-epn-query="iPhone 6" data-epn-layout="900x220" campaign="OPTIONAL-YOUR-OTHER-CAMPAIGN-ID-HERE"></INS>


Important! You must set a proper campaign ID in the tag or your clicks will not be properly tracked. To get your campaign ID, go to https://epn.ebay.com/campaigns, copy the campaign ID you want to use and place it in the code snippet after the campaign parameter highlighted in the snippet above.


3. Set Required Parameters


// publisher specified - The keyword to find related items for literal interpretation. No special characters or advanced keyword formats are allowed at this time.

id="your INS tag ID here"       

// publisher specified - Identifies the ID of the html INS tag where this placement will render and inject into the page.

data-epn-layout="900x220", "300x250", "300x750"  

// publisher specified - The size of the placement.


// fixed - Do not change or Smart Placements will no longer be styled.


4. Set Optional Parameters


Specifies the minimum number of items needed to display the placement. The defaults are:

    "900x220":  greater than or equal to 5

    "300x250":  greater than or equal to 1

    "300x750":  greater than or equal to 5

data-epn-collapse= "true" or "false"

Specifies what to do if there’s not enough items for display (as per data-epn-collapse-item-min setting). default value is "false" which sets visibility: hidden and space remains allocated on the page, if “true” then sets display: none and the space is not allocated on the page at all.

campaign="Campaign ID 123..."

Specifies a campaign ID within a <INS> HTML tag. This campaign will be used instead of the set default in the head <script> tag. You might choose to use this option if you are putting multiple Smart Placement on your page, and you want different banners to track under different Campaign IDs.


5. Validate Your Configuration and go live!

Once your code snippet is in place, load one of your pages and look for your placement!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I see my reports for clicks/earnings generated by Smart Placements traffic?
You can use the standard reports that you find in the EPN portal. Smart Placements has its own tool ID, 20003. To view the tool ID report, go to: https://epn.ebay.com/reports and select report type ‘By Tool/Creative’ and you’ll see ‘Smart Placements.’ After your report runs you will see a line item in the chart at the bottom of the page for ‘Smart Placements’ and you can then review your impressions, clicks and other key metrics.

2. What eBay domains are supported?
During the pilot period only items from ebay.com are eligible for display. In future iterations other locales will be supported.

3. What languages are supported?
During the pilot period only English will be displayed. In future iterations other languages will be supported.

4. I’m not seeing any ads, how can I diagnose this?
Using your browser, view the source of your page and look for your tag. EPN will add diagnostic information here to assist with debugging.

5. Can I use advanced keywords and other syntax?
During the pilot period only literal strings are supported. There is no advanced syntax for keywords.

6. Can I change the design of the placement?
During the pilot period only 1 design is supported. In future iterations you will be able to customize certain aspects of the design such as colors and fonts.

7. Can I use Smart Placements and Smart Links on the same page?
Yes, Smart Links will not interfere with Smart Placements.

8. Does Smart Placements work with sub-affiliate network links?
Not at this time. We are considering this for a future release.

9. Can I have multiple Smart Placements on the same page?
Yes. Be sure to use a unique ID for each one, as per required INS HTML fields above.

10. Will Smart Placements display other content besides item listings?
Not at this time. We are considering this for a future release.

11. Can I use Smart Placements on social media pages or other platforms?
Smart Placements can be used wherever you can add Javascript and the requisite html elements.

12. Where can I see a demo of Smart Placements?