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All About Smart Placements

Smart Placements is our latest, innovative tool. After the initial placement of code on the site, everything about the banner can be edited online in a user-friendly interface without having to access your source code.

Getting Started

In the Smart Placements Tool

  1. First, log into your EPN account:
  2. Then, go to our Beta Tool (link to the tool included in beta confirmation email)
  1. Select Create New Configuration.
  1. Put in the Title of the Banner as you want to reference it. This is not visible in the banner.
  2. Select the campaign you want the banner to be part of. The drop-down menu lists all campaigns from your account.
  3. Add in the Search Term(s) you want. You can use search operators (Boolean logic): quotation marks to make it an exact match to your phrase, parentheses for either/or terms, minus sign for NOT. For more details, see eBay’s Advanced Search.
  4. Select your Category. You may leave it as All Categories or choose a single category.
  5. Select a Size: We offer 990 x 220 horizontal, 300 x 750 vertical, or 300 x 250 rectangle (the rectangle is best if you have lots of mobile device users).
  6. Choose from the selection of colors for the text of the item title.
  7. Choose your font.
  8. Decide if you want to optimize the banner. If you select Auto-Optimization, the banner will use retargeting to customize the experience for viewers with previous eBay interactions, focusing on things the user has bought, bid on, or added to their watch list.
  9. Select Preview to view your banner. Make sure it looks appealing to you. If the typical titles for the products in your search are long, choose a tighter font like Roboto Condensed.
  10. Click Save and the banner will save (or missing entries will be highlighted with red boxes).
On Your Website
  1. After you save an ad configuration for Smart Placements, scroll down to the Configuration Hub. You’ll see your new banner at the top of the list. Click “Edit.”

The banner opens above the hub and you’ll see the Head Tag Code and Insert Tag Code are now filled in.


Now, it's simple.

  1. Put the Head Tag Code in the “head” part of your site’s code.
    • It’s one code per affiliate, no matter how many Smart Placements you use.
  2. Put the Insert Tag Code in the “body” part of your site’s code where you want your banner to show up on the page.
    • Each banner configuration has a different identifier associated with it.
    • You can put the same banner with the same code on multiple pages.
    • You can put different banners with their own unique codes on the same page.

Making Changes to the Banner

  1. First, log into your EPN account:

  2. Then, go to the Smart Placements Tool Page.

  3. Find your ad in the Configuration Hub.

  4. Select “Edit.”

  5. Edit the aspects you want to change.

  6. Save and you’re done!  No need to do anything on your website.