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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on a Mac—Can I use Smart Share?

Absolutely!  It’s easy-to-use and reliable for both Macs and PCs.

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Can I use Smart Share on Mobile?

The Chrome browser does not support any extensions on mobile, so it won’t work on tablets and phones.

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I use Bookmarklet. Should I switch to Smart Share?

If you’re happy, there’s no need to change.  You can keep using Bookmarklet.  If you want more options like campaign choice or the ability to share directly to Facebook or Pinterest, Smart Share is a better tool for you.


Smart Share



Chrome only

Mobile Sharing




Create 1 Bookmarklet / Campaign

Load your Campaigns and access all active

Identifiable Icon in Browser



Share directly to Facebook



Share directly to Pinterest



Share directly to Twitter


Not at this time

Share directly to Instagram


Not at this time**

Tool Languages

English only

English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

*Works well for most browsers on the PC. Works best in Chrome for the Mac.

**Possible that this feature will be include in an upcoming release.

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I don’t see my Campaign in the drop-down list.

Two potential causes

  1. You added your campaign after you last uploaded your file to Smart Share.

    • Fix: Download your latest campaigns from EPN and upload them to the Chrome extension. You’ll find instruction in our Quick Start Guide.

  2. You’ve deactivated the campaign. Deactivated campaigns don’t show up in the list.

    • Fix: Create a new campaign to suit your needs (deactivated campaigns can’t be re-activated). Don’t forget to download your new set of campaigns from EPN and upload them to Chrome.

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Do you have extensions or plug-ins for other browsers?

Not at this time. We’re exploring other options.

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I’m posting on Facebook and the item’s picture doesn’t show—it’s just the eBay logo. Am I doing something wrong?

No, this is a known issue we’re aware of but don’t yet have a path to fix, as  Facebook’s interface overwrites some images in our affiliate links by substituting the eBay logo. We do have a recommended workaround that helps most of the time:

Save the item’s picture and attach it to your post. Be sure that you’re using the image from the item you’re promoting.

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What do I need to know about images?

Be aware that some sellers are super-protective of their images. If you use their image to help sell their item, you shouldn’t encounter any complaints. But if the owner of a picture contacts you and tells you to take it down—absolutely honor their wishes.  And, of course, never use one seller’s image to promote another seller’s products.

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If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, contact Customer Support via provide as much detail as you can - the site where you’re placing the banner, the search term and category you’re using for the banner, the browser and operating system you’re using, etc.

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What is the new Deal Flag feature?

The newest Smart Share feature points out each commissionable deal on the eBay Deals pages in US and Canada.

How do I see what deals are commissionable?

To see which deals are commissionable, you need to turn on the Deal Flag in your extension settings:

1] First, add the extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Store.

2] Once installed, right-click on the Smart Share icon on your browser, and select “Options” from the drop-down menu.

3] A new page will open that features the “Enable Deal Flag” toggle.

4] Simply switch on the toggle and every commissionable deal on the eBay Deals page in the US and Canada will be indicated by a green star and the word “Commissionable” just under that deal’s image.

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