Integrations to step up your growth potential

As your partner, we have invested in integrations that will help you grow your traffic & improve buyer relevancy. Put the power of data in your hands by:




Leveraging a data management platform


Our integration with Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) arms you with a powerful data management platform (DMP) that is already populated with eBay customer data. Based on eBay browsing behavior and shopping patterns, our audience segments are at your fingertips to help you drive towards buyer and sales goals.


This integration is ideal for partners with an existing outbound marketing program that can be customized down to a single user. DMP data can help you increase revenue by targeting attractive audience segments by behaviors, such as purchase frequency, category enthusiasm, and device preference, or a custom segment to meet specific campaign goals.


How Adobe DMP Delivers the Data Directly to You


  • eBay captures robust, behavioral shopping and purchase data for all its customers on eBay sites.
  • eBay works with partners like yourself to define attractive audience segments. For example, people who have shopped for but not purchased an item in 30 days.
  • eBay shares real-time customer lists defined by these segments with AAM.
  • Adobe matches these lists with its own database and shares them with you instantly.


The integration takes an average of 9 weeks.  Learn more about server-to-server integration with Adobe.




Tapping into eBay Buy APIs


With eBay Buy APIs, you can deliver a distributed commerce solution that enables users to shop and check out from eBay without ever visiting This complete conversion-centric experience can be delivered in-app or on-site using the following APIs:


  • The Browse API – Gives buyers exactly what they're looking for through specific keyword and category searches. Buyers can search eBay inventory without ever leaving your site by keyword, category, eBay Product ID (EPID), or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).
  • The Feed API ­–  Create rich shopping experiences with the best of eBay’s global listings by retrieving daily details of newly listed items across various categories, and custom-curate the listings to your shoppers.
  • The Marketing API ­– Cross-promote products that were purchased and viewed by shoppers who bought those items, feature best selling products on eBay, and upsell by showing product collections based on demand, reviews, and buyer journey location.
  • The Order API – Delivers a truly uninterrupted, seamless shopping experience by supporting eBay guest checkouts with credit card transactions, and ongoing order details such as shipment status after the order is placed.




Integrating with Monotote


The Monotote platform enables buyers to view shoppable images and video, get additional product details about the items, and purchase them without ever leaving your site. This seamless shopping experience is available for partners with buyers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. Using Monotote can result in viewers spending more time on your site, and increasing product engagement and conversion. Any content, from trending fashion to travel experiences, can become interactive and shoppable.


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