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A Simple Data Sharing Service to Help You Target New Customers and Drive Potential 2X Commissions

We're beta testing an API designed to help you identify whether your user is new to shopping on eBay. By using our new tool, you'll learn about your audience so you can present the right offers to the right shoppers at the right time, which may help your bottom line.

Audience Insights to Maximize Revenue Potential

New and reactivated buyers (NORBs) allow you to earn Double Commissions, so our first priority is to help you identify which of your users have never shopped on eBay, or are past eBay customers who haven’t purchased in over 365 days.

Here’s how The Intelligent Marketer works:

Adobe DMP brings you eBay's insights.

Step 1:

Customer visits your property. You identify the customer with a unique ID that you pass through the Custom ID field in your standard rover link.

Step 2:

You call our API with the unique customer ID.

Step 3:

We recognize customers who have come to eBay through your property before. We identify them by that unique ID you've been passing through the Custom ID field, and return a response identifying if customers are active eBay customers.

Once we flag a shopper as a potential NORB, you know they are worth 2X commission if they make an eBay purchase, so there's opportunity for you to market to them differently. If they make a purchase, you get the 100% earnings bonus. That means more revenue potential for you.

The Intelligent Marketer Q&A:

Q: What is the Intelligent Marketer?

A: The Intelligent Marketer is a new API service developed by EPN that allows us to share eBay customer behavioral data in real time directly with partners.

Q: What sort of data will EPN share through this service?

A: In Phase I, EPN will only share one piece of data: a flag indicating whether a buyer is a new or potential returning eBay buyer (NORB). Customers who have never purchased on eBay or who haven’t purchased in over 365 days will be flagged as a potential NORB.

Q: Why should an EPN affiliate partner want this?

A: EPN pays 100% earnings bonuses for purchases made by new or returning eBay buyers. This service provides a way for partners to identify which potential buyers will generate more earnings, thus allowing partners to target buyers more effectively with eBay ads, incentives, coupons, etc.

Q: Doesn’t this fulfill the same function as an Adobe DMP integration?

A: Yes, this service can be considered ‘DMP light’. This service provides the same sort of data sharing partners can get via an Adobe DMP integration but without needing a complex integration.

Email us or ask your Partner Manager about The Intelligent Marketer today.