he types of content you share are key to building a loyal and engaged audience.  The more you understand about your visitors and what they are looking for, the more credibility you build as a site owner. 

In this overview we will further explore the most common affiliate categories and the types of content to share and how, to better support your success in the program.     


The most common type of content sites are bloggers (all categories).  Content sites are positioned with the task of creating new and engaging content that is frequently updated to keep visitors interested. 

The easiest way to do this is to focus on the products you have used yourself.  Choosing products to promote based on first-hand experience is a great way to deliver authentic and engaging content.  Not only will the endorsements come naturally, but it will be an easy process for you, given your connection to the featured product.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing content for your site:

  • Make it an enjoyable experience: It can be overwhelming to see a huge block of content – organize content into sections so that it is easy for your visitors to consume
  • Make the content easy to read: Ensure that your font is easy to read and inviting for new visitors on your site – a distracting font can take away from the key message
  • Include visuals in the content: Adding images to your content will better support the message you are trying to convey – images can make your content more enticing and exciting to read  


Review sites are frequently visited by consumers to either learn more about a product or gather validations on how something works.  It can also be a great destination to add your affiliate links to. 

A great review post can persuade a visitor to click on the link to learn more and purchase the product on eBay.com.  As a best practice, reviews should provide value and not replicate what is already available online.  Successful product reviews are those that are unique, sincere and lead the visitor to act on a decision.   


Deal sites are an attractive destination for online shoppers, as they provide their visitors with a large selection of discounted offers on a variety of products and services.  Adding affiliate links to your posts can be time-consuming, but key to supporting your continued success in the program.

As a deal site you are faced with a lot of competition.  And while the deals may not be unique, the method in how you interact with your visitors can be.  While visitors are always searching for the best deal, they are also looking to buy from creditable sites.  Affiliate linking is a great way to add value to your posts, and can further support how visitors interact on your site. 


Using your social platforms is a great way to further expand your affiliate efforts and earn commissions with us.  Not only is it a built-in audience, but it’s easy to create compelling links from the tools in our affiliate portal and share them with a click of a button. 

To start, confirm what networks you’ll be utilizing. Every social network is a little different, so make sure you do some research and consider the trends of the users in the social network in which you want to succeed.

A few tips to keep in mind for social affiliate marketing:

  • Be interactive: Talk to you audience - engaging with your audience shows that you care about their needs, and have a genuine interest in their opinions
  • Be authentic: Spotlight your product or service with authentic intentions – if your only goal is to sell, it will be difficult to convey a genuine interest with your audience
  • Be unique: Offer a solution that your audience is already seeking - you’ll inspire them to invest in your posts and check out your offer


Now that you know the best practices for delivering content, how do you share it?  There are a variety of ways to get a message out to your visitors, with key examples included below. 

Add affiliate text links to your posts

  • Create your own or select from a list of links in your affiliate portal
  • Link to LP on ways to work/tools (building links)

Add affiliate banners to your site

  • Select from a list of ads in your affiliate portal
  • Link to LP on ways to work/tools (creative)

Create a product video

  • Create engaging videos to share with your visitors
  • See our blog post on using YouTube to promote eBay on your site

Write a review on a product or topic

  • Add affiliate links to the review

Post to your social media channel

  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Using our suite of affiliate tools (link to LP on tools), you can easily create affiliate links and banner creative to better support how you are sharing content and promoting products on your site.