There are several options to promote eBay products on your site.  One of them is to utilize the various pages available on  Each page allows you to tailor your promotions to better suit your audience, and further optimize your campaigns.  Plus, directing visitors to the product or page they expect to visit will increase the chance for conversion, increasing your potential earnings with us.   

Below we will explore available eBay pages, and how they can be used to support your business.


  • Direct Products:  Using this page you can link to a specific product


  • Search Results:  Using this page you can link to search results for a category


  • Events: This page allows you to link to events or sales occurring for specific categories, seasons or holidays


  • Curated Collections: This page allows you to link to a group of products based on an event, category or season, and can be easily tailored to your target demographic (fitness, home, outdoor, etc.)


  • Daily Deals: This page allows you to link to popular daily deals – this includes a spotlight deal, trending deals, and a listing of all featured deals 

Using the eBay pages above will ensure that the content you are providing to your visitors is best aligned with your message.