Thank you for your interest in eBay partner network.  unfortunately, we are unable to accept you into the network. 

Your request has been declined and an EPN account has not been created.

If you are in India, and would like to promote eBay’s India site, please go to our EPN India network page here

If you are not in India, then in very limited situations we may reverse our decision but only if you meet two very specific criteria as described below: 

1.    Ensure EPN can pay you by going to and finding the country that you would want us to pay you in. 

  • If your country is not listed or withdrawal is not available at , we will not be able to reverse our decision as we are unable to pay you for affiliate activities, so please do not appeal.
  • If your country is listed and withdrawal is available, please continue on to step 2. 

2.    If PayPal offers withdrawal in your country, please confirm that you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have at least 500 followers and 100,000 likes if you plan to promote eBay on social media.
  • Your alexa rank is better than 30,000 and your contact information is listed publically on WHOIS, if you plan to promote eBay through a private domain.
  • You have at least 1,000 subscribers if you plan to promote eBay a blog or YouTube channel.

If PayPal supports withdrawal in your country and you meet one of the requirements in number 2 above, then please use the EPN Contact Us Form, choose Account Appeal as the Case Subject, and provide the following information:

  1. Have you confirmed that PayPal is supported in your country?
  2. What site(s) will you promote eBay on? Provide specific URL(s) for any blogs, social media pages, or websites you plan to promote through.
  3. Do you have full control over every site, or at minimum the content, listed above? 

Please allow 3 business days for us to review your appeal.