Whatever you're passionate about, it's on eBay

Offer your audience millions of items in fashion, electronics, collectibles, home goods, and more. You know your audience best and can find the right items to feature, but how do you where to land them on the eBay website? You're not limited to sharing links to individual items. eBay has a variety of page types that you can share, enabling you to feature the 800+ million listings in many different ways. By matching the right eBay page type to your promotional links and content, it will help drive conversion and increase your commissions. Here's an overview of the various types of eBay pages that you can promote:

Product Page

Use when you know the exact item you want to feature. This will provide a direct path for conversion by allowing your audience to easily visit the specific product on eBay.


Brand Page

If you want to highlight all of the offerings of a specific brand, you can promote a brand page. You can also use this page to filter various options, such as category, size, and color.

Deals Page

Updated daily to feature the hottest deals across eBay. Promote this page to give your audience the best discounts eBay has to offer.

Trending and Popular Items

Dynamically features the top watched and sold items across eBay. If your audience is interested in the most timely products on eBay, this page is perfect for you.

Search Results

Feature many listings for a single product, such as "iPhone" or broad terms like "DSLR" or "LED light bulbs." Search Results give you various display options such as by brand, with bundles, and even related searches, which you can tailor to your audience.

Category Page

Professionally merchandised pages designed to convert and featuring items from a specific product category. These are great for giving a full view of available items in a specific genre.

Promotional Events

Promote deals specific to certain events throughout the year, such as holidays, major sporting events, and going back to school. These pages are perfect for timely engagement with your audience.

Curated Collections

Tastemakers and editors create custom collections to represent the best items on eBay for a theme. It's a great way to see all related products in a specific theme together, making eBay a one-stop shop for many types of items.


Find detailed insights into what's currently trending on eBay, what are the most popular products being sold or viewed over a given period, and even what something might be worth based on similar item listings. This is a good place to get new ideas for timely products to feature.