Discover who makes the program happen

It takes a diverse group of contributors to shepherd a wide array of partners and support a massive global business, of which this is only a sample:

Dan Filowitz

Senior Marketing Operations & Support Manager

With eBay since 2016

Dan manages the platforms and processes that enable marketing and customer support to function for the partner network. Before eBay, Dan had analytical and operational roles at companies like Google and United Airlines.

Best eBay find: A small dish from the hotel where I got married, which I ordered as an anniversary present.

Tien Huang

Head of Growth & Partner Success

With eBay since 2010

Tien leads the team that provides technical and business solutions for partners through new tools and innovations to drive growth to eBay.  

Best eBay find: New Breville BES840XL Espresso Machine - it was a great deal! 

Richard Lane

Partnerships Lead, U.K.

With eBay since 2018

Richard leads the UK market for the eBay Partner Network, ensuring efficiency and productivity across a plethora of partners and partner verticals. Before eBay, he worked within the affiliate industry for about 13 years, as head of affiliate and lead gen for Mindshare UK, head of partner development at CJ UK, and head of European partnerships at Agoda.

Best eBay find: A toy soldier costume for a friend’s bachelor party. “He had to wear it for an entire weekend including green crocs and green face paint – worth every penny.” 

Kyle Morgan

Partnerships Lead, Australia

With eBay since 2018

Kyle manages business relationships with top Australian partners. Before eBay, he worked in several marketing, account, and sales management roles. Since moving to Australia in 2016, he has primarily worked within affiliate marketing.

Best eBay find: A kit to convert VHS to digital video. I used it to digitize my mother’s wedding video, as it was the only video she had of her mother after she passed away and no longer had a VHS player. 

Michael Lill

Director of eBay Partnerships 

With eBay since 2012

Michael leads the Partnerships business, delivering opportunity for our valued partners, as well as eBay buyers and sellers, and also strong financial performance for eBay. Before eBay, Michael had a wide variety of roles in consulting, financial services, loyalty and e-commerce, including business strategy, corporate and business development, business operations, and online/mobile marketing. 

Best eBay find: Original out-of-print Elfquest comics for his comic-collecting brother.

Ross Mallett

Head of Partner Management

With eBay since 2015

Ross identifies new opportunities with our most strategic global partners. Before eBay, Ross worked on a variety of strategic initiatives in the world of gaming  - leading monetization and retention efforts for DoubleDown Interactive; senior franchise marketing manager for PopCap Games; and was the Director of Marketing for WildTangent.

Best eBay find: Michael Jordan '86-87 Fleer Rookie Sticker - I realized that I had three of them in my basement.

Phillip Zamora-Lien

Partnerships Lead, North America

With eBay since 2020

Phillip manages the North American markets for the eBay Partner Network. Prior to eBay, Phillip started in the  affiliate industry when he joined Slickdeals in 2014 and then transitioned to content publishing. Fun fact, he played tuba for the United States Marine Corps in his past life.

Best eBay find: All of my golf related purchases! 

Erin Stoner

Product and Growth Solutions Manager 

With eBay since 2012

Erin keeps our channel competitive in the affiliate world by conducting competitive analysis, managing the channel’s product backlog, and working with cross-functional stakeholders to drive requirements to deliver internal and external value.

Best eBay find: 50” 4K Ultra HD TV, Polarized Ray-Ban Aviators, or a hot tub.



Lucia Palombino

Partnerships Lead - France, Italy and Spain

With eBay since 2019

Lucia drives revenue growth and partnership opportunities for the network across the French, Italian and Spanish (FRITES) markets. Before eBay, she worked for five years as an account manager for Tradedoubler Italy, where she built up her experience with affiliate and performance marketing across a varied portfolio of advertisers. Before that, she worked as a media planner for an agency that specialized in performance marketing solutions.

Best eBay find: A vintage Casio watch for my boyfriend that was identical to the one he had as a kid.

Dorota Townsend

Partnerships Lead, Germany 

With eBay since 2018

Dorota leads the network for German partners where she seeks out new business, establishes new partnerships, and leverages new opportunities. Before eBay, she worked for nearly a decade in online travel at TripAdvisor, where she was also responsible for strategic partnerships.   

Best eBay find: A dream Benetton jumper. That felt good!

Martin Freyberg

Technical Integration Growth Specialist, Germany 

With eBay since 2020

Martin consults on technical integration for eBay’s European partners. Together with Tien, he is also responsible to drive growth to eBay through innovations and new technical solutions. 

Best eBay find: Heavy Metal patches of all kinds of bands!